StarAgent’s core features

Features to save time, improve operations, and increase revenue.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Store unlimited talents, their details, images, and videos. With a powerful search engine, easily filter out the right model for the right role, in no time!

Talent Onboarding

Integrate new talents anytime, by quickly entering their details and up to date media, which is publicly accessible to your organization.


Go beyond the traditional registration process; send easy-to-fill forms to talents. Data entered by them will be automatically updated after verification.

Advanced Biodata

Manage uniformly organized and easy to read resumes for the talents, which can be readily sent to clients and casting directors.

Intelligent Search

Run searches based on specific criteria, to find the models who are the best fit for a specific job.

Image & Video Gallery

Staragent allows for unlimited photos, videos, and voice clips. Update or add new files at any time so that you can showcase your clients the portfolio with up to date media!


Organise photos and videos into multiple folders such as seasons or shoots for each Talent.

Star Rating

Client ratings (from one to five stars) for talents are displayed on the talent profile, to make the selection process better for future clients.


Casting directors can ask for specific skills at times. With the tagging feature, enter in all the skills of talents, with which you can search and find for that perfect casting, quickly!

Talent Status

Identify if the talent is available or not by checking the current status of the talent on the profile.

Project Management

Project Management

Track and manage all your projects from start to end - with Staragent, stay aware of who’s doing what, by when.


Organize your work into shared projects, and view progresses across each project in real-time.


Break up your entire works into smaller, manageable tasks, and monitor each task's progress individually.

Task Assignees

Assign a clear owner for each task, so that everyone in the agency knows who’s responsible for a particular job.

Due Dates and Times

Mention the date and time each project is due, to ensure everyone involved are working off the same deadline.

My Tasks

Keep track of your own workflows, goals, projects, and team - efficiently through Staragent.

Calendar View

View the Calendar to quickly check your due dates, and locate holes and overlaps in the schedules to make needed adjustments.

Custom Q&A Tool

Create Q&A sets for whatever information is essential to your team's efficient workflow.

Talent Assignments

Understand the talents involved in a project, so you can keep initiatives on updating them with any related information if needed.

Start and End Dates

Set start and end dates on tasks and projects, to avoid any possibilities of the last-minute scramble.

Project Status

Monitor the current state of all your projects in real-time so that you can share live updates with your team.

Advanced Search

Search for particular projects using various attributes to see the details and work progresses across projects.


Effortlessly issue invoices in the standard format, and register payments made by your clients.

Client Management

Client Management

Easily nurture your client network and find the needed information anytime in a searchable archive.

Client Details

Stay in the loop with your clients: our client database holds everything, including job history, notes, and billing details.


Add client liaison specialists and their contact details, so that you can have everything needed for your work in one place!


Attach requisite details as tags on respective client profiles so that you won't lose track of important information.


Set the current state of the client to active or inactive, for the entire organization to quickly identify if you're currently working with them or not.

Bookings & Packages

Bookings & Packages

Forget the time-consuming emails you used to send! With Staragent, quickly create packages of talent portfolios and send directly to clients and casting directors.

Portfolio Packages

Easily attach model comp cards to your packages and send them to your clients with just one click to view in every mobile device.

Unique Templates

Customize your portfolio packages by adding your agency logo, and choosing a viewing format available from numerous display options.

Dynamic Links

Package dynamic links are dynamic. Meaning you can update it with a new talent or additional information even after forwarding it to your client.

Job Broadcast

Broadcast a single message to any number of talents. Notify concerned talents about new castings and updates, without spending extra time recreating the same information several times.

SMS & Email Notifications

The updates you post through Staragent will be instantly available to the talent as both SMS and email.

Model Assignment

Easily search and assign models to your packages, and make their details and images available for your clients to access.



Easily identify what’s happening across your entire organization, and where your projects stand, with the analytics capabilities of Staragent.

Real-Time Dashboard

Get a real-time overview of daily and pending events, projects statistics, and instant access to the recently added and updated information.

Agency Performance Metrics

Visualize all the important checkpoints in the organization’s workflow so that you can track the overall performance and report updates accordingly to your team

Revenue Metrics

With updates about the invoices, projects, and tasks that matter, keep track of your organization’s revenue progress.

Birds-Eye View

Get a bird's eye view of your projects, revenue, assignments, tasks, and other useful resources, so that you can make conclusions and improvements appropriately.

Updates Feed

Get real time updates on the dashboard about activities happening around the agency such as a new project or talent added.

Admin Controls

Admin Controls

Add and manage new members to your team, and ensure each member has access to the right set of information.

Permissions and Privacy

Set restricted access to sensitive projects, enforce passwords, and create public projects for everyone from your organization to access.

Team Management

Assign organization admins to add, manage, and remove members, and their settings.

User Status

Change the member status to active or inactive, to restrict access to StarAgent accordingly.



Communicate directly with your talents and clients, from anywhere - thanks to the built-in instant-chat within Staragent!

Messages Via Channels

Create channels with selected or all talents, and carry out discussions through them effortlessly.

Project Conversations

Tie your communication to clients and team members to discuss the project’s progress.

Team Conversations

Create a channel solely for team conversations and announcements.

Chat via App

Make communication more convenient for your talents; let them have conversations straight through their mobile apps.

Notifications & Reminders

The talent will receive automatic notifications and reminders, once the agent schedules work on Staragent.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Just like Staragent web app, you can use it to collaborate on work, have conversations, and get updates on tasks.

iOS & Android

Track work and stay up to date on the go with our iOS and Android mobile applications.

Auto Reminders

Get automatic updates and reminders about the projects and pending or upcoming tasks, on your Staragent mobile app.


Chat with your talents, clients, and team members, anytime, from anywhere!

Profile Update

Update or remove your profile information through the mobile app, whenever you wish.

Success and Support

Success and Support

No matter how large or small your organization, our resources and support team will help you find everything needed to work better with Staragent.

Chat Support

Whether you’re just starting with Staragent or you need assistance with its advanced features, our support team is here for you, day and night.


As a Staragent customer, get unlimited access to our tutorials, and make the most of this best talent management software!

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