Being productive is a tough battle, and most of the time, it leaves us feeling burnt out or pushes us out to a zone of ‘I can’t do it anymore!’. We often jump from one thing to another, either focussing on multiple things at once or focussing too much on one thing. Whatever it is, the productivity hormones never kick in. 

While we were searching for different ways to make StarAgent users feel productive, we bumped into unique productivity styles that can be used to clean the whole work mess we are facing on a daily basis. After knowing more about it, we realised StarAgent has almost every feature or tool to start adopting these productivity styles, and we are very excited to show you how. 

But before that, let us tell you about one supreme solution to shoot up your productivity levels. It’s none other than StarAgent. With StarAgent model agency management software, you can experience a smooth working environment that lets you enjoy managing your agency within a single software. Moreover, it has all the features you would need to function your agency in the most efficient manner. Want to give it a try? Schedule a free demo now!

Now let’s get right into the article!

What’s ‘Productivity Styles‘?

The four productivity styles developed by Carson Tate (Business Coach and founder of Working Simply, Inc.) are the ways your brain is programmed to handle any information. These styles prove to be a tool that you can use to become productive based on your innate tendencies to deal with tasks and problems. 

But why do you need a productive style? Well, the answer is simple! When you align your efforts to your natural preferences, it transforms you into a productivity machine. On the other hand, when you put effort based on something you are not, it becomes dull and fruitless. This is just like expecting an apple from a mango tree.

Identifying the right type of productive style can help you get back on track while achieving everything you ever dreamed of. Now let’s get in detail about the four popular productivity styles. 

The 4 Productivity Styles

Based on an assessment Carson Tate set her way to identify people’s preferred way of working that gives them maximum output. With that data, she introduced four principle productivity styles that govern most of the productive behaviour of the workers. These are:

  • The Prioritizer 
  • The Planner 
  • The Arranger 
  • The Visualiser

Now let’s conquer them one by one!

#1. The Prioritizer

The Prioritizers are people who are analytic, realistic and logical when it comes to completing a task. They are fact-oriented, and it reflects in every work they do. They are also fond of keeping their priorities straight to avoid wasting time on things that matter least. And because of that, they can focus and complete large chunks of important tasks on time. Their work is always data-driven, and they like it that way!

Their workspace needs to be clean and out of distractions. Their downside includes focusing too much on the project rather than on the process while being a control freak. 

👉 StarAgent Tool For The Prioritizer: The Task tool of StarAgent is the perfect tool for you. It lets you prioritise your whole work schedule according to your plans. The inbuilt reminder feature can be of great use to remind you of the most important upcoming task. You can set ‘start date’ and ‘due date’ along with the time span to invite more structure to your work. 

#2. The Planner 

They are detail-oriented people with a thing for keeping everything organised. They are punctual and love to make lists while checking them off before the deadlines. Give them any project, and you will get the whole plan of how to do it and when to do it. They are also people who are very serious about the rules and regulations so beware of them! 

When it comes to their workspace, it’s always a neat space with their accomplishments displayed in harmony. However, one downside is that they are not well-versed in acting spontaneously to the problems, which makes them prone to stress.

👉 StarAgent Tool For The Planner: The Calendar tool of StarAgent will serve as your go-to tool for planning each and every task in detail. Simply feed all your tasks into the calendar, and you are good to go. The timeline view of the calendar also enables you to know how long a task will run. The second tool is the Advanced Biodata feature to manage and organise easy to read detailed resumes for the talents, which can be readily sent to clients and casting directors. 

#3. The Arranger

The arranger thrives on expressing while creating a supportive environment. They are team-oriented and believe that collaborating effectively is the secret mantra of being productive. But they often end up valuing people more than the projects, which then affects their productivity level. 

Their workspace is filled with warm and sweet things that they cherish while focusing on their work. They are also the one who is concerned about the team performance and constantly find ways to make collective work fruitful and efficient. Some of their top skills include good communication and persuasion. 

👉 StarAgent Tool For The Arranger: The StarAgent Team Chat is the one-stop solution to keep your team always on point. For effective communication, you can create different channels based on a specific topic, so the conversations don’t get lost. It also has a direct chat feature along with the channels, both on a single-window because the arrangers don’t have time to run around finding contacts of their teammates. 

#4. The Visualiser

The visualisers are intuitive people who love to have a bigger picture of everything that matters. They are innovative when it comes to problem-solving and are quite open-minded while approaching their work issues. They also are not a huge fan of too many details, structures or rules, and it can easily make them wear down. 

The visualiser never tries to put important files away, so their desk would always have a heap of essential documents, including their personal and favourite things. They often are bad at planning which makes it difficult to meet their deadlines. 

👉 StarAgent Tool For The Visualiser: For the visualisers, StarAgent’s Calendar Colour Coding can be a great help in giving more clarity to all your tasks. Just decide on what each colour means to you and start assigning the colours to your tasks, visible on the calendar as well. For example, the ‘Red’ colour can be set for urgent tasks while yellow can be set for low priority tasks and green for completed tasks. You can create as many milestones or statuses like this and enjoy the creative visualisation of your tasks. Along with that, the timeline view gives you a clear visual layout of all the tasks you have to complete, making it easy for you to skim through your whole schedule. 

Find Your Productivity Style!

So hope you have found your productivity style. No matter which style suits you, every productivity style has its own positives and negatives, but what’s more important is to identify what style lets you enjoy the work you do. And only then you would be able to transform yourself into a ninja of combating tasks while balancing work life. 

As for modelling agencies, StarAgent talent agency management software is always here for your rescue. It has easy and powerful solutions for all those productivity freaks who want to take their agency to another mind-blowing level.