StarAgent Tips (For Beginners): 7 Favorite Feature...

So, you did it! After hearing about StarAgent from different Social Media platforms, your friends and others in your social circle, you have finally signed up.🙌 Now what? StarAgent is a cloud-based talent agency management software that lets you run your agency smoothly – and there are a plethora of ways to customize it for

Make Your Days More Productive With StarAgent

It’s February, and it’s winter in most of the countries, which for some people can mean a decline in their overall productivity. Luckily, you can fight this seasonal slump off with a bit of decluttering and organisation.  Today we’re here with five such top tips to help you get things done every day even more

StarAgent Tips: 6 Ways To Automate Busywork

Busywork – at some point in our working life, we all have experienced it.  According to the major studies we have referred to, an average of around 82% of workers reports feeling burned out, mostly because of the busywork. And when it comes to the case of talent agency employees, this is mainly associated with

Is Your Team Struggling? (Signs Of Overwhelm, And ...

Do you believe the team at your talent agency is a group of productivity superstars? Yes? Then it’s time to take off your rose-tinted spectacles and make a more detailed evaluation. 😎 Won’t you see a whole slew of employees chewing nails, with irritable attitudes? Fret not, because you aren’t the only manager who is

Top StarAgent Tips To Keep Your Team On Track

While you sip your morning brew ☕ and meticulously think about the days that have gone, just ask yourself this: how well are your team members organized? How motivated and collaborated are they? How are you encouraging them to work productively? Managers like you and your team members equally deal with an ample amount of

How A Smart Talent Management Agency In US Uses St...

When StarAgent initially appeared on the scene a few years back, it was just an amped-up talent management application that would improve the way talent agencies store and manage the details of talents and cut down on spreadsheets. Definitely, StarAgent is still serving that goal; however, these days it’s also an all-in-one tool for simplifying

The StarAgent Guide To Productivity In Your Workpl...

When was the last time the employees of your talent agency finished accomplishing that lengthy list of tasks within a workday? Can’t recollect? Alright. There’s nothing unusual if you get to feel like time is always vanishing into an abyss, leaving you frustrated through and through every time! Your employees might be working extended hours

Freshen Up Your StarAgent Workflows With These New...

Someone smart once said, “the best workflows are built by processes that are improved countless times.” But when was the last time you took a long, hard look at your and your team’s workflows on StarAgent model agency management software? Did they need any betterment for your team members to work together with more ease?

How To Use StarAgent Calendar In The Best Way

If you’re a manager of an established talent agency, or the ‘busy bee’ in your agency, StarAgent calendar can help!😛 You might be managing a large team, running from meeting to meeting, commencing projects, devising plans, making decisions, adjusting priorities, coordinating jobs, blah, blah, blah… With all these tasks to juggle, getting your team to

StarAgent Mobile App For Talent Is Here!

In the modern digital world, the usage of smartphones is proliferating like wildfire! And apart from making phone calls, the core functionality of these devices has turned into running a whole host of mobile applications. This trend has led to advanced transformations in the workflows of industries. Regardless of the type of industry, there is

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