With more and more features being added to the StarAgent talent management software, it’s really time to up your talent management skills from basic to an advanced level. The updated features and functions allow for an even smoother operation of the talent agency by providing you with the experience of working in a single comprehensive dashboard. Be it the endless amounts of projects and clients or a massive list of talents, anything and everything becomes easy to handle with the collaborative environment of StarAgent. You have advanced tools to carry out even the most complex agency task with utmost perfection. Certainly not just words! That’s how StarAgent is designed and crafted to work.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top features of StarAgent that makes it an ideal software for advanced management of the talent agency. Along with the features, we have also mentioned the key benefits and some quick tutorials to get there. So, let’s dive right into it! 

#1. Talent Web Portal  

When you have a lot of talents, updating each and every talent detail can become quite a complex and repetitive task, and there are not many talent management software that allows talents as well to get involved in this process. But fear not! With the StarAgent talent web portal, you can ask your talents to update their profile, upload photos, videos and documents by themselves. This will, in turn, save you a lot of time and reduce the chances of making mistakes while handling talent details because now every talent can control their own data.

Additionally, this portal also acts as a medium through which the talent and your agency can mutually manage several talent-related tasks. All the changes a talent or an agency member makes to the talent profile will be instantly reflected and available on every StarAgent platform.

#2. Create Project From Package 

Creating projects from packages wouldn’t ever be so easy. That’s what this new update from StarAgent helps you to do. Once you create your packages, you can now easily convert them into a project and that too within a couple of clicks.

When you click on a ‘Convert To Project‘ tab, it navigates you to a new page where you will be able to create a project based on that package details. On the navigated page, you can add a lot of information such as client title, project title, description, location, dates, status, etc. After this, all you need to do is press ‘Submit’, and it will directly take you to the projects tab, where you can see your newly created project. In StarAgent, everything is so rhythmic that you won’t ever have to put extra effort to get something done. 

#3. Create Package From Project 

This one is the reverse of the above feature and allows you to create packages from the existing projects. Once you are done with creating your projects, you can instantly turn them into packages with just a click. You go to your project, which you want to convert, and click on the ‘Create Package‘ icon, and within seconds you will see the project transformed into a package. You don’t even have to add in the information separately; everything is taken care of by StarAgent. 

Moreover, if you want to edit these converted packages, you can always get back to the packages tab and edit as usual. Once you create your packages, you can also send them to the clients easily by clicking on the ‘Send Package’ icon, entering the email ID, name and hitting the send button. In StarAgent, you can perform every agency task through the StarAgent workspace without having to move out onto different platforms. 

#4. Plugin/APIs For Showcasing Talents On Website

Have you ever felt the need to display your talents on your agency website so that your clients can get an idea of your immense talent pool? If yes, then the StarAgent’s plugin/APIs feature for showcasing talents on the website is a great feature to upgrade your agency standards. You can add in as many pages of talents as you wish and display them anywhere on your own website. 

This advanced feature also comes with a filter panel from which your clients can pick the most suitable ones with ease. The filter bar has parameters such as gender, age, rating, height and weight. Once the parameters are set according to the requirements, the client will get a filtered result incorporating all the talents that fulfil those entered parameters. Well, the story is not over yet! Your clients can even click on each talent to get more talent details. Furthermore, it also allows the client to shortlist the preferred ones and send an enquiry on providing the name and email address of the client. This dynamic feature is undoubtedly a great contributor to attracting the right clients as well as providing them with a personalised rich experience.

Want to try out this feature? 

Here you go 👉 https://staragent.co/talent-listing-plugin-demo/

#5. Download Portfolio Packages Instantly

A software’s efficiency is not only about how much it can do; rather, it is also about how flexibly you can work with that software. And in those terms, StarAgent offers you a lot more than a usual talent management software. One such feature that allows you to flexibly deal with the created packages is the ‘Download Portfolio Packages‘ function.

It enables you to download the packages you created in a PDF format so you can further use them in attaching with emails, to print, to save it on your computer and so on. Click on the download icon, and there you have! It’s that simple. With the download portfolio packages feature, you will never have to create a separate document or copy-paste the entire thing anymore. You can prepare and extract the files from this very software itself. 

#6. Notes for Talents, Clients and Projects

We all have experienced an impulse to scribble on things to remind ourselves about the key points, and this is why StarAgent wanted to incorporate a notes section on every talent, client and project card, so people have the freedom to take notes in the ever so traditional manner. In StarAgent, ‘Notes’ is a simple text editor where you can write your notes and give it a little formatting such as adding background colours, adjusting font type, making it bold and a lot more.

You get this feature on every talent card, project card, and client card, helping you take separate notes for individual elements. You can also quickly access this notes feature by clicking on the little notes icon present on every talent, project and client card. A great thing about this feature is that once you jot down some notes, it’s going to be there till you remove them, which suggests that you can update those notes with additional information without deleting the previous one. In fact, an excellent way to save observations on miscellaneous items. 

Get Advanced With StarAgent Talent Agency Management Software!

So, now you see how much importance we place on all your tasks no matter how small it is. This is how you get advanced! With a multitude of features, StarAgent is the best platform to lead your talent agency towards the future of providing an efficient working system with a dynamic approach. The intelligent functions packed with intelligent tools is the way forward to the famous saying “work smarter, not harder”. 

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