Companies across the world have faced data breach issues and it is a critical digital-era problem that needs protection against. This is especially true for companies in the people-management industries like talent management agencies, since they constantly share confidential data about the talents they work with. This is why choosing a reliable talent management software for your agency is not to be taken lightly, regardless of the size of your agency. 

Data Privacy

At Staragent, we take safeguarding your data seriously and the platform is designed with robust data security and privacy in mind. Without getting into specifics (for obvious reasons!), let us assure you that our advanced security systems supported by many layers of encryption keeps your data safe. Here is a quick glance into some of the security features of StarAgent as a model agency management software:

  • Physical Security: We are hosted on AWS who provide robust, physical data center security and environmental controls.
  • Encryption: We enable encryption of sensitive data both at rest and in transit over public networks.
  • Data Usage: We don’t mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
  • Data Privacy: We only use customer data to provide support and service; we don’t access your account without your permission.
  • Data Recovery: We regularly back up your data and provide a maximum 24-hour RTO and RPO.
  • Data Ownership: Your data 100% belongs to you. We won’t delete data in your account without giving you time to export it.

Along with these, the platform maintains a separate database for each agency through separate domains. This ensures that the data of one agency can only be accessed and used by the users registered with that agency. While all these aspects protect the data you share with us, there are steps you can take from your end to add an additional layer of protection.

More Security Tips To Protect Your Workspace

Restrict access

Restrict access: Since a lot of sensitive information is usually shared over the platform, StarAgent allows workspace admins to have full control over other users. Utilize this feature to manage who has access to what information.  

Update employee access promptlyUpdate employee access promptly: Ensure that employee access to the platform is blocked when they leave the organization. Deactivating a user account could be made a part of the relieving process during an employee’s exit.

Use strong passwordsUse strong passwords for StarAgent accounts: As with every other digital platform, strong passwords are a good way to ensure account security. Avoid using common words and include alphanumerics and special characters in the password for better protection.

Store/ share your passwords carefullyStore/ share your passwords carefully: Avoid storing passwords in easily accessible places like your work diary or a post-it note in your workstation. Having strong passwords will be useful only if you protect your credentials from others. If at all there is a need to share your password, remember to change it once the task is completed.

For any further concerns about data security with StarAgent, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

For queries about how we collect and use your data, please read our Privacy Policy.

For the best results in workflow management in your agency, it is best to pick talent management software that fits your preferences while keeping your data safe. Talk to us and ask for a free demo to see why StarAgent could be your perfect fit.