Many model agency management software provides tools that help you simplify your task, but it should also incorporate features that let you function smartly without wasting time. Intelligent tools that can automate agency processes enable you to focus on your projects and clients. Therefore, in the previous article, we guided you on selecting the best model agency management software and in this article, we will tell you about the must-have tools and features to look out for. 

Now without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Creating Detailed Talent Biodata

One of the foremost features that help in the easy management of your models is the feature that can help you create detailed model biodata, which can be stored and accessed quickly. Features like that allow to communicate all the necessary matters that agency personnel would want to know. A good talent biodata is also the key to making various other agency tasks more manageable.

StarAgent has been popular in this arena for quite a long time. However, it now has even more attractive features that can make selecting, evaluating and assessing the suitable model as simple as it could become. It also has a feature wherein you can develop your own custom fields and questionnaires to have better control and to build a biodata that serves your personal preferences. And if you are someone who has to manage a large pool of models, you will thank us for incorporating this innovative feature into the software.

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2. Automating Billing Procedures

You probably know how hectic billing and playing with numbers can become. And most of the time, we fail to do it right. So to tackle this monotonous task, automated billing processes integrated into the software help agency managers to have a more relaxed billing process. It saved time and resources and were more precise and accurate than manual ones. It proved to be more secure and was easy to keep track of every bill. 

StarAgent also has a similar and more efficient and comprehensive feature. It has two separate tools to manage invoices and estimates individually. You can create detailed invoices and estimates, including as many details and items as needed. Additionally, no matter how large the list goes, tracking is a child’s play in StarAgent. It’s just a matter of some clicks, and you are done. It also frees you from chasing down payments each month. So everything is just convenient as you would dream it to be. 

3. Setting Up Your Project Talent Statuses

When you deal with a lot of projects, quickly identifying the talent’s status related to the project is vital to save time and avoid confusion. But often, agency people have to ask models about their status manually, which can become time-consuming. So having a feature that can help you specify the project talent status, such as auditioned, cast, rejected, etc., can be very useful in streamlining the project talent selection process.

StarAgent also serves to solve this problem by letting you set talent project status as well as giving you enough flexibility to create your own personalised project talent statuses. What’s better than this to have an easy and efficient workflow!

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4. Broadcasting Jobs With SMS Notification Or Email Notification

Jobs is another area where you need some interactive features to keep everything going. What about broadcasting the jobs with SMS notification and email notification? Seems attractive, right? Well, it is. Having such a great feature will add a lot of professionalism to your work ethic that models would love to connect and respond to.

We, too, have a feature like this in StarAgent where you get to broadcast jobs to notify them without having to manually email them or call them. So there is no chance of getting delayed or models being missed from informing. The best part is you don’t even have to enter the whole phone number or email address; StarAgent will extract the details from the database and send it over automatically. 

5. Keeping Track Of Your Bookings Easily

Bookings are an unavoidable element of every modelling agency, and having a lot of them prevents you from easily keeping track of it. Therefore, having a feature in your software that helps you to painlessly manage those bookings is essential to function at the best level. 

StarAgent also features such impressive tools that can assist you in managing all your bookings. The list view enables you to have a bird’s-eye view on all your bookings, from where you just need to select the required one to access the details. When things are so simple with StarAgent, why not try it and see the amazing result for yourself? Get Started now!

Go For The Best!

So that’s it for now! To work efficiently, you need something that keeps you motivated to perform better, and StarAgent can be that one thing you need to get up every day and be inspired to work. StarAgent has been developed keeping in mind all the requirements that a model agency would face while managing it. And it has got everything to streamline your business operations, helping you achieve your business goals faster.

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