Someone smart once said, “the best workflows are built by processes that are improved countless times.”

But when was the last time you took a long, hard look at your and your team’s workflows on StarAgent model agency management software? Did they need any betterment for your team members to work together with more ease?

We know – it might be high time to modify your prevailing routine in StarAgent.

So, we have rolled out several new features for you to get a much better perspective on bookings and packages, and get more done efficiently with less time. Read on to learn how these hottest new enhancements are making it easier to work with StarAgent — we certainly can’t wait to hear what you think of these latest and greatest updates from our engineering team!

Bookings made simple

Want to create a new booking? You won’t have to switch back and forth between your talent profiles and calendar now. Just head straight into ‘Calendar‘, choose ‘Talents Calendar’, click on the date when the booking is going to occur, fill out the details and hit ‘Create Booking’. 

That’s it!

You can edit already added information or add new details at any point in the booking by going back to the saved booking on your ‘Talents Calendar’.

Tabs, Tabs, And More Tabs!

Your ‘Booking‘ page will now have SIX different tabs (Of these, THREE are newly added):

  • Details – This tab includes all the general information about the booking you create.
  • Project – Under this segment, you could select the project, agent-in-charge, and the transaction currency (if you wish to charge the client in a currency different to your default currency).
  • Fees* – You can insert the hourly rate and the working hours for the talent involved in the booking over here, and the amount will be automatically calculated and populated in the ‘Total Amount‘ box. If you have an agency fee inclusive amount to add, just type in its percentage, and the amount will be updated in the ‘Amount For Agency‘ box. You’ll also have a ‘Description‘ box to enter in more details about the payment related to the booking.
  • Expenses* Expenses that have been advanced for a booking can be specified here. If in case expenses are to be reimbursed, make sure to check the Reimbursed tobox.
  • Attachments* – If there are receipts or any additional files that need to be attached to the booking, you can add them here.
  • Status – Select from SEVEN different options to explain at which stage in the billing cycle your booking is.

So, you are now able to enter as much or as little as you need about a booking. Awesome!

Note: * denotes newly added tabs in the ‘Booking’ page.

Save Time & Energy With Automatic Notifications 

If there is one new feature that will literally ease the way you work, it’s ‘Automatic Notifications’.

If you get bogged down with frequent actions like creating a booking and sending the booking details to all involved talents as separate messages, then it’s time to step up the automation game! With this new update from StarAgent, whenever you create a booking, notifications will be automatically sent to all the concerned talents as Email, SMS, and app notifications, thereby cutting down on repetitive work.

So, moving forward – work smarter, not harder. 😎

Reduce No-Shows By 90%

Now if you forget to send manual reminders about a booking/event to talents, don’t worry, because StarAgent is going to do that for you! 🙌

Whenever you create a new booking, StarAgent will automatically set a reminder for all the involved talents to be received a day before the event date. For instance, when you add a booking for September 30th at 10 AM, StarAgent will automatically send your talent a reminder on September 29th, probably at 4 PM.

Therefore as we advance, mostly, no events will slip through the cracks.

No More Clashes

We’ve made it very easy for talents to block any dates or periods of time during which they are unavailable (such as a vacation), from being booked. 

To do so, they can go to theirMy Bookingstab on StarAgent Mobile, and simply block the unavailable dates on their calendar. All the blocked out days will show up in red color on the agency’s calendar, and the agency members won’t be able to select those dates indeed for booking. This will help you prevent your whole team from booking the talent on any specific date or date range when he/she isn’t available.

Even More Talent-Involvement

Through this update, we’ve made active talent involvement as much as possible in your workflow. 

All your talents are now provided with an option to set booking statuses as either ‘Completed‘ or ‘Pending‘ from their mobile applications. They can also choose to add attachments (if there are any) related to booking from there. Everything the talent entered through StarAgent Mobile will be instantly pulled into your agency’s ‘Talent Calendar’, thereby putting everyone on the same page.

Keep A Record Of Packages

Stay more organized with all the sent packages listed out under the ‘Packages History‘ tab. 

This gives everyone on the team an accurate and up-to-date record of which all packages are approved, and which aren’t. When anyone from your team wants to get into the granular details of any approved package, he/she can click on the ‘View‘ option next to that package.

Easily Respond to Sent Packages

One of our most requested features is the ability to receive instant feedback from clients and as promised, we are psyched to bring it to you now! 🤩

With the new update, we’ve made it possible for clients to provide feedback directly from a package, select talents by checking the boxes near to the concerned talent profiles and note down comments related to talents in the boxes provided next to their profiles, in the package. 

And best of all – your whole team can view these client feedbacks by quickly navigating to the respective package under ‘Package History‘.

Now, It’s Your Time!

We hope this update has addressed a lot of common concerns our clients had regarding StarAgent, and the new features have instilled a dose of inspiration that will encourage you to spice up your agency’s workflows. However, we would like to request you to take a step back for a while and analyze what’s really working for your team, and what needs to be improved on StarAgent and share your thoughts with us. 

Good or bad, we’d 💗 to hear them, and work to implement them over time.