If you own a talent agency, we would like you to give a thought to how you were doing business over the past years. Think of the tools you were using. 

How many of them are off the mark? 

We get it – you are diligent and flexible; yet every time you try hard to accommodate for those outdated business tools, you are compromising your time. If that is the case, then look no further than implementing StarAgent – a fully integrated cloud-based talent and modelling management system, which runs all aspects of your agency’s everyday tasks.

StarAgent Lets You Work Smarter, Not Harder!

StarAgent makes running modeling agencies a lot simpler by bringing together your bookings, scheduling, talent, invoicing, and a lot more. The entirely web-based modeling software offers myriad customizable options and is accessible from everywhere and on every operating system.

Here are more reasons why you should have StarAgent as a platform at the heart of your business:

  1.   Bye-bye, spreadsheets!

StarAgent offers numerous features to efficiently handle and promote your talents to clients. 

With a dynamic talent database, store and manage as many talents you have, their personal and professional details, documents, high-resolution images, video and audio files, as well as availability.  Editing the already uploaded talent details can be done, anytime, either at the comfort of your office or while you are on the move.

  1. Move talent registrations online

StarAgent’s talent self-registration option allows you to send out easy-to-fill forms to talents, making it convenient for them to register from anywhere. Data entered in the registration forms will be automatically updated after verification, thereby freeing up a lot of valuable time for you and your staff. 

Opting for online registration processes will also help to spread a better sense of credibility and reputability of your organization among the talents.

  1. Searching is as easy as ABC!

Got a client requirement? 

You don’t have to search through endless files and folders over your computer. 

Just log into StarAgent and make use of its powerful search functionality to quickly search and identify which model/ talent would best suit that particular requirement based on features, specialties, or skills.  

  1.   Impressive talent packages

Get rid of the cumbersome efforts behind the emails you used to send your clients. 

Quickly build talent portfolio packages, easily attach model comp cards to those packages and send in just a few clicks to clients and casting directors anywhere in the world. 

Whether you want to share your trendiest collection or propose any casting options, use the talent management system to showcase them professionally with fewer efforts. 

  1.   Schedule with ease!

An interactive multi-user calendar for planning, scheduling, and managing appointments, bookings, go-sees, and special events, is another speciality of StarAgent.

You can easily schedule tasks and share calendars with any others in your organization within a few clicks – no Computer Science masters is required! 

The involved talents and users will receive automatic email alerts whenever events are added, updated or deleted.  

  1.   Hassle-free billing

Managing your finances has never been this relaxed! 

The StarAgent model management system facilitates a smoother billing process by effortlessly invoicing clients all expenses incurred in connection with the booking, and register payments made by them. 

In case you wish to add any invoice layout specific to your agency, we are more than glad to design and include that, along with the standard invoice format.

  1. Nurture your client base, better

With a client database that holds everything, including job history, billing details and contact details, manage your customer base and communications in one place. You can quickly find the needed information anytime in a searchable archive. 

Users within your agency can be provided with direct access to these details.

  1. Never miss a deadline again!

StarAgent is equipped with comprehensive collaboration and communication features to help talent agents manage their workloads.

The platform enables the agency employees to collaborate seamlessly, as project activities and time allotted for each project is visible to the entire team. 

Managers, on the other hand, can ensure that the projects are progressing and tasks are being carried out within the expected time.

  1. Make use of brilliant analytics

Break team silos. 

Quickly identify what’s happening across your entire organization, track the overall performance, and report updates accordingly to your team. With StarAgent’s real-time dashboard, get an overview of daily and pending events, project statistics, instant access to the recently added and updated information, and invoices as well as project details.

  1. Remote work will work!

Within a few weeks from the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve learned that as a whole, we should be quite resourceful to stay productive, even in such extraordinary circumstances. 

But for talent agencies where collaboration is a must, how can we make remote working work? 

For that, you will need a smarter tool like StarAgent, which wires together everything you need to run the talent agency workflow. With a multitude of features specific to your daily operations, it can help you make online talent registrations, create high-resolution packaging for clients, store and maintain talent as well as client details and bookings, monitor ongoing projects, connect and coordinate with your team members, talents, and clients, managing finances and sending invoices, from anywhere, at any time!

We have worked with several talent agencies over the past years. So, we know how stressful the life of an agent is. StarAgent Talent Management Software is designed by our adept team to give back your precious time by enabling more comfortable ways to manage and deliver talents. 

The above mentioned are just some of the crucial benefits you may have with StarAgent. There are even more reasons for you to take the aid of this software solution. Interested to know what they are? Read “Why StarAgent”.

And, if you have read this far, we are sure you have been looking for a better solution! So, click here for a demo 👉👉Schedule Demo