We waste time, energy and resources on relatively unimportant information and interactions, staying busy but producing little value. And above all, we tend to use multiple software to manage everything, leading to increased digital distractions and even lesser value. In such a case, a modelling agency management software like StarAgent can help you and your team effectively overcome the distractions to kickstart your days of being productive and fruitful. 

With StarAgent talent agency management software, you can level up your game in running a talent agency with powerful tools that help you to manage everything with a single software. Read on to know-how!

#1. Access Everything From The Dashboard

One of the main reasons we face digital distractions is that we have to access different things from different places. For example, you may be using one software for communication, another software for keeping your accounts and a bunch of other software for other functions. This results in a lot of distractions lowering your productivity to a great extent. 

But what if you can access whatever you need to run your agency in an instant and that too provided upfront on your digital workspace? Well, at StarAgent, you can definitely do that! Be it managing your talents, invoices, projects, packages, jobs or clients. You can access everything from your StarAgent dashboard without endless browsing through different files and software. 

When you open your StarAgent account, you will find different panels which can help you get a quick glance at the information you might need in the day-to-day running of your agency. The dashboard consists of the search bar, statistics panel, project overview, invoiced amount chart and several other panels of upcoming tasks, recently added talents, recently added projects and many more. It also consists of a dedicated menu bar with pro tools and a shortcut panel to directly access anything.

Surely this will be all you need to manage your agency functions efficiently. 

#2. Systematic Communication System

Do you use specialized communication software to interact with each other such as ‘Slack‘ or ‘Skype’? Are your conversations scattered over endless email threads? If yes, considering a better solution where everything is in one place would be nice to boost your productivity and improve communication. StarAgent is one such platform! It has an efficient inbuilt communication system that’s much easier to use than switching between different platforms just to get more distracted. 

You can interact with everyone, be it your talents or team members, within microseconds! StarAgent provides a separate space for talent chat and team chat which is a great way to keep your communication organized and easily accessible. 

Its talent chat is a flexible feature where you will be provided with a tile display of all your talents on which you have to tap, write the message and hit send. Simple!

💡Tip: Instead of scrolling through the talent list, use the ‘talent chat‘ tab’s search bar to instantly find the talent you want to message.

And when it comes to team chat, you can either converse in channels or send direct personal messages. Moreover, you can even replace your endless email threads with multiple dedicated communication channels that revolve around a particular subject. This means one strong platform for all your communication needs.

Here are some reasons to consider using StarAgent.
  • Enhance your communication with the entire team and save time by getting communication channels and direct message inbox on the same page under the same tab.
  • Improve team collaboration and productivity
  • Share files among your colleagues easily via chat
  • Resize the textbox according to your comfort (click and drag the diagonal lines at the text box’s bottom right corner).
  • Supports a wide range of emoticon types so that there’s nothing left unsaid.

#3. Search Anything In An Instant

Supposedly you have to browse some client details, view any package information or get a particular talent’s resume? If you don’t have smart software like StarAgent, it’s no guess that you would be running from platform to platforms, from databases to databases browsing endlessly to find the required. Besides, it takes up so much of your precious time that you might have used for other significant tasks. 

Here’s where StarAgent’s intelligent search feature comes to your rescue. Once you are done creating your StarAgent workspace, you now have access to the search bar that is enabled to give you an accurate result for your search query. This is the primary search bar of this software that’s accessible from anywhere in your StarAgent workspace.

Apart from that, it also has dedicated search fields for every tab, be it the talent, project, billing or even talent chat. These dedicated search functions are accompanied by advanced search tools to give 100% accurate results based on the entered parameters immediately. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t find in StarAgent.

#4. All In One Management Functions

We all know that as an agency manager, you have to manage several management functions simultaneously that leads to digital distraction. You might don’t even know where and how to start. This diverts your mind from being efficient to somehow trying to get the job done, which is, of course, not a good sign for a growing modelling agency. 

Using StarAgent, you can carry out all the management functions necessary to run an agency with ease. With our user-friendly workspace, you can efficiently manage clients, talents, packages, jobs, projects, booking and a lot more things with just one software. Basically, StarAgent is your more effortless way to identify what’s happening across your entire agency and where your projects stand. This means you can save tons of time while productively managing everything from one place. 

Here are some of the primary management benefits you get with StarAgent.

  • Save time by finding your required talents for your projects in one central location.
  • Create model packages, jobs, invoices, bookings, etc. on the fly.
  • A more effective remote working system so your location doesn’t bother you.
  • Single dashboard with all the tools to access and manage agency operations.
  • Instant analytics and efficient communication to keep everything crip and clear.

There is more to this unique model management software that is worth experiencing. And we are sure you won’t regret the decision. 

#5. Interactive Admin Controls

At some point in time, we always get burdened with managing everything by ourselves. Not just that, it takes up so much of your time and resources that you eventually start feeling drained and distracted. To curb that, we came up with an array of admin control features that would allow you to have flexibility in managing your talent agency.

In StarAgent, you can add and manage new members to your team while ensuring access to the right set of information for each specific member. In this way, you can delegate your tasks between your team members, still keeping everything controlled. StarAgent also has certain permissions and privacy settings through which you can restrict access to sensitive projects, enforce passwords, and create public projects for everyone from your organization to access. 

What to expect from our super flexible admin controls?

  • Grant admin user rights on different aspects such as projects, invoicing or clients so that you can delegate tasks according to each ones’ proficiency.
  • Set agency member status as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’.
  • Add and delete as many team members as required.


#6. Advanced Task Tracking And Management 

Running a model agency demands a lot of tasks to be done before the deadlines. And with a pool of tasks, you often do some and forget many. As a result, your to-do checklist frequently remains unchecked. So to become highly productive in dealing with agency tasks, StarAgent came up with advanced task tracking and management functions where you can create tasks, set deadlines, assign them to your team members, add a description and set reminders for your tasks.

With such a comprehensive task management system, you wouldn’t ever feel the need to get separate task management software. You have got all you need in one software. You can even colour code to categorize and organize your multiple tasks. Moreover, with its tasking tracking feature, you can track all your tasks and keep an eye across all the upcoming ones in the user calendar so you can complete them before time. With so many hefty features, distractions wouldn’t have a place in your life. 

Here are some pro tips for advanced task management:

  • Using the calendar filtering options, you can quickly visualize the workload for a specific day, week, or month for each team member. This is also a great way to ensure if they are available to take up the job.
  • Give more details and instructions in the ‘Description’ section to explain the task to your team members. This ensures that your team members are well aware of the task to be done.
  • To directly access the ‘Add New’ task page, click on the small circular ‘+’ button beside the calendar button. 

Ditch The Distraction!

To become really efficient in managing your agency tasks, you need to invest your precious time in smart resources. With an all in one model agency management software, you get to control everything in a centralised location to carry out any function without running from one place to another. 

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