Ready or not, the era of remote work is here. 

Tons of companies across the globe have been recently thrust into the ‘Work From Home’ experiment either due to unforeseen situations like the COVID-19 pandemic or identifying the benefits it could bring to businesses. However, a study made among the U.S. companies found that 77% of employees were more productive when working remote. And a separate study forecasts that 73% of employees will enjoy the privilege of remote working by the year 2028.

Despite these facts, you might still be on the fence when it comes to remote working in your agency. But maintaining a remote team might end up being one of the best decisions you could make for your agency if you put the right tools in place. And the good news is that StarAgent is now ready with everything managers like you would require to make a smooth transition to remote working.

As this is the right time to embrace remote work, let’s have a closer look at the specially designed features of StarAgent to help you simplify the process of managing your remote workers and keeping them productive.

Project Management

While remote working, the team needs to work collaboratively like never before. Through a shared space for all your work, StarAgent makes this possible.

  • Utilizing StarAgent’s project management feature, you can easily keep track of all your projects on one platform, see who is working on what, track work progress for each project, and check due dates, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • With the task management feature, you can create and assign tasks to relevant team members on-the-go, and prioritize tasks to ensure your employees complete the essential assignments before taking up new tasks.
  • While you juggle multiple tasks, it will be difficult to ask your team for updates continually. So, check the assigned task’s progress on StarAgent to ensure it is completed in the desired timeframe.
  • Looking at StarAgent’s project management board, you could quickly identify who is accountable for which tasks. So you know who to go to whenever the task isn’t completed within the specified time or if it isn’t done according to the client requirements.
  • Not only you, but also your employees will be able to track relevant details such as information related to deadlines, priorities, and estimated hours.
Talent Management

Being a talent agency, your prime concern might be about managing your talents in a better way – be it remote or not. With StarAgent talent agency management software, your team could:

  • Efficiently store, manage and organize unlimited talents, their details, images, and videos on a single platform. Anyone from the crew could update the information or add new files at any time if needed.
  • Allow for self-registration of talents, by sending easy-to-fill online forms to them. The data entered by them will be automatically updated after thorough verification, thereby saving a lot of your team’s valuable time.
  • Run powerful searches based on client requirements, to easily filter out the right model for a specific project, in no time!
  • Get rid of composing the time-consuming emails for clients! StarAgent makes it easy to attach talent comp cards to your packages and send them to the clients with just one click to view on their mobile devices.
  • Update your package links with new talents or additional information even after forwarding it to your clients.
  • Make communication more convenient for your talents; let them have conversations straight through their mobile apps.

Client Management 

For talent agencies, nurturing clients is equally important as staying in the loop with talents. StarAgent model management system could help you for smoother client management by enabling…

  • A dedicated database that holds everything related to your clients – history, notes, billing details, and many more.
  • The option to add client liaison specialists and their contact details, so that your team could have everything needed for their work organized in a single place!
  • An open structure where the current state of the client is set to ‘active’ or ‘inactive’, thereby allowing your entire team to quickly identify if your organization is currently working or not with a particular client.
  • Tagging the requisite details on respective client profiles so that your team can easily catch up all the vital information regarding a client, without checking the entire profile.

Team Bonding 

When remote working, your team members aren’t together under one roof. So, it is imperative to keep a commonplace where your entire team could go to get information.

  • Use a default #general channel (consider changing the name to something like #team_updates so that it would be understandable for even new employees who join your team) on StarAgent to share any general updates with your entire team.
  • Not everyone from the team needs to be in all channels; so, create separate channels for each project, to share status updates and frequent catch-ups on different projects.
  • Dedicated communication channels on StarAgent could replace endless email threads for keeping everyone informed about the status of work.
  • Not only does this replace meetings and emails, but also keep the entire team’s conversations focused, encourage the exchange of new ideas and move work better forward.
Team Productivity

Working from home doesn’t mean that your team will be available 24/7. So, be open to bringing better ways of helping them tackle their day-to-day tasks without fail, during their working hours.

  • A common calendar for the team will help you check the status of tasks quickly, and locate holes and overlaps in the schedules to make needed adjustments among employees, thereby reducing the team pressure, while enhancing your team’s overall productivity.
  • StarAgent also enables your team to create reminders to tackle daily tasks and pending events so that they will be alerted every time until those actions are completed.

StarAgent: The Remote Work Assistant

When your talent agency shifts to remote work, a lot of the conversation may focus on what you “lose” when you ditch the traditional office space. Of course, that is a natural reaction – the entire team is suddenly being asked to change the routine that they have built over months, perhaps years.

In this scenario, just advise them to look at this shift like they would look at moving to a new, better neighbourhood. And at the same time, keep yourselves immersed into the tried-and-tested success strategies for setting up your team for success with this new neighbourhood by reading this free guide from StarAgent:

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