Organising, collaborating, and staying connected with talents and clients consistently and efficiently is one of the biggest challenges faced by talent management agencies worldwide. Matching and managing the countless names, faces, and profiles with requirements from clients can be easier with an efficient management tool. 

“Packaging” your Talents to showcase them to clients in a beautiful way plays a crucial role in the success of your business as well as the prospects of your talents. Enhanced interaction and better service for clients improve time management and customer satisfaction to a large extent. This is where a talent management platform like StarAgent shines through with features like the Package Module.

Package Module is a StarAgent feature that lets you create and manage “Package Cards” for different requirements. You can easily create Packages with talent portfolios with a few clicks and share them with clients for casting options. 

Clients can conveniently see the following details and make informed decisions during their screening process:
  • Model comp cards
  • Measurement details
  • Notes/ comments about individual talents
  • Additional photos or videos for each talent
Here are some more exciting features that make Packages a very convenient way of managing talent profiles:
  • Packages can be created, saved, previewed, edited, deleted, and shared quickly with minimal taps or clicks.
  • Packages can be downloaded and shared as PDFs for offline viewing.
  • Clients can provide their feedback directly within the package
  • The Packages History tab will give your team a record of the approved packages.
  • Package Status lets clients know whether a package listed is currently available, active, or in use. 
  • You can preview Packages through the Client Link, which shows you how they will be displayed to your client.
  • Once approved or selected by a client, you can convert Packages directly into a ‘Project’ by clicking on the ‘Convert To Project’ button on a Package, and all the talents in the Package get added to the created Project with just one click.

With such convenient and efficient features, StarAgent makes coordinating between your clients and talents simple and seamless and makes the management of the day to day activities of your agency effortless.