When you are a large modelling agency, collaborating effectively with your agency members and talents is paramount to survival. Being able to contact each other and remaining up to date with every aspect of the agency tasks lets you remain ahead of the game. StarAgent being the best model agency management software, also provides you with enough freedom to collaborate with talents in a way that allows individual talents’ active involvement through the StarAgent Talent Web Portal. The benefits? Talent data being handled in a time effective and painless manner. 

So here in this article, we will provide you with a guide on StarAgent’s Talent Web Portal and how you can minimise your workload using it. Let’s get started!

1. Talent Profile Self Update

With a large talent pool comes the need for a robust solution that’s flexible enough to deal with the talent’s data. In StarAgent, you don’t have to feed all the talent data one by one; instead, there’s a quick tip to follow so feeding talent data doesn’t scare you. As an agency member, you can ask your talents to edit, update or even self-register themselves using the StarAgent’s Talent Web Portal. 

The talents can easily access this feature by clicking on the ‘Update Profile‘ tab from the dashboard and thereafter continue with the updations. In addition, the changes will be reflected within seconds to the agency’s StarAgent account, making it easier for you to get updated talent information almost instantly.

In the talent profile feature, you get a wide range of details such as personal details, contact details, experiences, features, lifestyle, and so on that can be edited and stored directly by the talents. This also enables your talents to update the information whenever there is a change to details ensuring accuracy in storing talent data while warding off a lot of stress. So, get started with this easy hack and unlock the secrets to a time effective talent management process. 

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2. Easily Manage Photos And Videos

Photos and videos are a major part of any modelling agency, and so it’s always required to constantly update with newer ones. However, manually collecting and uploading each and every photo/video of all your talents would feel complex apart from being time-consuming. A better and more effective solution is making this function available to the talents as well so that every talent can upload their individual photos and videos without any hassles or delays. Therefore, in StarAgent, we made this come true using the Talent Web Portal where every talent can upload and manage their photos and videos without any involvement required by the agency members. This interactive feature allows the talents to upload as many photos and videos as required whenever they feel like.  

All the photos and videos uploaded by the talent is directly accessible to the agency members using their StarAgent account. So now you don’t have to run behind your talents collecting and updating photos and videos to feed into your database. 

3. Individual File Management Function

Another important task that can become quite hectic is collecting the talent’s files and documents and then uploading and storing them one by one onto the software. With StarAgent, you don’t have to take that burden anymore unless you go for it intentionally! Using the Talent Web Portal, you can allow your talents to upload their respective files to different folders without your interference making storing and organisation a whole lot easier for you. 

Your talent just has to log in to the portal, locate the file to upload, provide the name, expiry date and the folder and click upload. Note that folders are created by the agency members only through their StarAgent account. You can create, manage, and delete these folders as per your specific requirements. Once the files are uploaded, the agency members can access and use them from their StarAgent account itself. This individual file management function saves a lot of time that might have got wasted in uploading and organising bulk documents separately. 

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4. Dashboard To Keep Everything Centralised

Talent dashboard is the one-stop destination to get started with the Talent Web Portal’s different functionalities. It provides a bird’s eye view on different tabs of the portal so your talents can locate themselves to the required feature easily. From the dashboard, a talent can access ‘Update Profile‘, ‘Photo Gallery‘, ‘Video Gallery‘ and ‘Manage Files‘ tabs easily and quickly. It also displays the agency logo of which the talent is a part of.

Apart from this, it also embeds a small menu bar from where the talents can change passwords or even log out from the portal. StarAgent dashboard, with its dynamic functions and simple layout, makes it easy for the talent to update and manage every information instantly, so it becomes effortless for the agency members to get regular updates from the talents.

Collaborate Efficiently!

StarAgent’s talent web portal is one powerful platform encompassing all the features for talents to collaborate efficiently with the agency members. Your talent just needs an account, and they will always be ever ready to update the details anytime. When updating information is this easy you won’t ever feel the urge to postpone the tasks. 

Moreover, its simple design helps any talent to get started without any prior knowledge or training about the software. Consider the Talent Web Portal as a window to your talents’ data that you can use to access the self-updated data of talents. 

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