When you have a growing modelling agency in your hand, managing the talents can often time become a hectic process. And to be honest, to do that, you need something more than skills or, specifically, a model management software that’s capable of providing you with a huge storage space, smart tools, great functionalities and required features.

Using StarAgent talent agency management software, you can store countless talent details such as images, videos and more such data in an efficient and organized manner. The powerful search engine quickly helps you to filter out the right model for the right role in no time!

So, today we will tell you more about how to manage your talents easily using StarAgent to make your talent management many times more powerful and functional. Let’s get to it.

Talent Onboarding

Managing your talent’s details, communicating with them, assigning them projects or finding the right one- everything can take so much of your precious time and resources. So here we are with a simple and forever solution- talent onboarding.

Talent onboarding simply refers to integrating and recording all the details of the talents onto the StarAgent platform for any further use. This involves uploading their photos, videos, files and documents along with filling out the comprehensive built-in talent details page. Once you are done with this task, you now will have everything within your reach.

Remember, you can perform an array of other different functions using the ‘Talent‘ tab of StarAgent. 


Not everyone is keen on manual registration, where you endlessly copy out each detail from the biodata sent by the talents to spreadsheets. So, with user convenience in mind, we have made it possible for you to add new talents through self-registration. Still, if you want to go the conventional way, StarAgent also has the manual registration process for that. The choice is totally up to you!

Manually as the name suggests, can be done by collecting the information directly from the talents and then uploading it onto the database. And then, there is the self-registration, where you can send an email invite to automatically guide them over to the registration form. You just have to enter the ‘Name’ and ‘Email Address’ of the talent and hit ‘Send‘. The data entered by them will be automatically updated after verification. And that’s a lot of time saved!

StarAgent has been designed to easily handle different types of such management tasks within a short time. And that’s what makes StarAgent better than other similar software. 

💡Tip: All the incomplete profiles are displayed in RED colour under the ‘Recently Added Talent’ section of your StarAgent workspace. So, it becomes easy for you to identify the incomplete ones within seconds.

Advanced Biodata

So, you have a lot of talents to handle and managing their details seems to be a very messy process. Worry not! StarAgent can store all your talents’ data in an organized and easy to access manner. 

Once you are done with talent onboarding, you just have to click on the ‘About Talents‘ tab in the ‘Talents‘ page of your StarAgent workspace, and there you have it! Talent’s advanced biodata in an instant. You can even send this easy to read and organized resumes to your clients and casting directors.

Getting more into it, a talent’s advanced biodata section contains all the necessary details you will ever need, such as the feature measurements, lifestyle details, experiences, general and professional details, contact information, photos, videos and much more in a single page. 


Casting directors can ask for specific skills at times. So, with the tagging feature in StarAgent, you can enter in all the skills of talents, with which you can find that perfect casting quickly. For those who don’t know, tags are keywords or phrases you create to help organize your pieces of information. Here you classify or label talents based on certain characteristics, which further can help you a great deal in other managerial functions.

With customizable tags, you can create, edit and update tags anytime as you see fit. And you can do that by heading over to the ‘Tags‘ option in the settings tab of your StarAgent Workspace.

💡Tip: Use tags as a parameter in the search bar option of talents to perform a quick search.

Intelligent Search

You need to find a female British model between the age of 24-27 with fair skin and brunette hair who can dance pretty well. To be honest, manually going over all the talent details one by one to find the suitable one would be tough, but with StarAgent’s intelligent search, you can do that in no time. 

StarAgent’s intelligent search uses specific parameters to accurately find the one with the required characteristics. There is a basic search and an advanced search available, and all you need to do is fill in those given parameters and hit search! For more refined results, select and enter as many parameters as you can. 

So next time, you don’t have to waste time juggling over talent characteristics.

Image & Video Gallery

Now onto the next step – saving your talent’s photos and videos. Keeping everything on your computer can cost you a lot of space. But with StarAgent being a cloud-based talent agency management software, you get an exclusively dedicated image and video gallery that you can use to store and manage unlimited photos and videos.

You can even access all of it with just one tap. With separate tabs for each, StarAgent makes it easy to always remain organized and to the point. Now, no need for endless browsing through the files! Remember, everything is just at your fingertips. 


This might be one of the most notable features of StarAgent. Managing the details of your talent would surely involve handling various documents and files. And that is why we incorporated the folders feature for StarAgent. In the ‘Folders‘ tab of StarAgent, you can upload and save unlimited documents regarding individual talent. This, in fact, is an excellent way of keeping everything maintained and primarily finding it when needed because losing documents is an inbuilt human skill!

StarAgent even allows you to categorize all those documents for better management. So, once you upload every file onto your StarAgent account, you are free from every document related hassles.

💡Tip: Take a step ahead in file organization by creating and maintaining separate folders for each document type. Click on the ‘Manage file folders‘ in the settings tab to add, edit and delete the folders.

Star Rating

You might have rated movies, hotels, products, websites, stores, etc., online to guide others and express your thoughts about it in short. Just like that, to make everything a little more simple, StarAgent introduced the star rating feature where clients can rate talents to make the selection process better for future clients. 

You can rate a talent from one to five stars based on your opinions about the talent. There is even provision for giving half stars such as 2.5 or 4.5 because StarAgent loves to keep everything precise.

💡Tip: Use this rating system to mark a standard or as a parameter to filter out talents in the search bar. 

Talent Status

You or any of your agency members want to quickly know which talents are currently available for booking. Now contacting each talent and asking them personally is undoubtedly one way of confirming it, but with StarAgent, you can identify talent’s availability just by checking the current status of the talent on the profile. A blue tick mark on the profile indicates that the talent is currently available (‘Active‘) to book for events, while a red cross mark denotes that he/she isn’t currently available (‘Inactive‘).

With the status button present upfront on the talent profile, you are just a click away from instantly setting the status of the talent. You can even use this feature as a parameter while performing your talent searches. It’s that flexible in StarAgent!

Management At Your Fingertips!

At this point, you might have got an idea of how easily you can manage talent agencies with just the right tool. Using StarAgent, a modelling agency management software, you can manage everything at your fingertips. Loaded with loads of powerful tools, your agency and our software can be the match made in the heavens! 

If you think StarAgent is the best software for your agency, which we are already sure about, then go forward and schedule a free demo now! 

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