Structuring any work needs skills that make striking down your to-do list a lot easier. When you structure your work, you naturally get inspired to do your tasks in an efficient and smart manner, saving you many hours. It also helps in reducing the workload while increasing the overall productivity. A modelling agency is no different! With a structured working system, you can definitely ace this game of model management. 

In today’s article, we will show you how you can bring structure to your agency’s work with the best talent agency software. So let’s get started!

1. Store All Your Talent Details

Juggling between a lot of talent details can leave you in confusion and affect your work. And so it needs a powerful solution! With StarAgent, you get a centralised place to store unlimited talent details, making it easy for you to access them anytime, anywhere. StarAgent has a comprehensive talent biodata page where you can save every small detail about your talent, such as personal details, contact details, features, etc. 

Furthermore, the talents tab contains talent cards, and each talent card goes by the name of the individual talent. Once you click on a specific talent card, you can view and edit the information of that talent helping you to organise and store the details efficiently. The talent card displays a set of information such as name, rate, ID that makes it easy for you to get a quick glance at the talent. It is also the place from where you can navigate to a particular talent’s photos, videos and files.

All these features will let you structure your talent details in a way that makes it easy for you to quickly retrieve the information when required. 

2. Create Your Talent Bookings List

Oftentimes you forget to track your talent bookings, and StarAgent has the perfect feature that will help you overcome that. Once you have created your talent booking in your StarAgent account, you can easily access and view all the bookings and its details in one place. The list can show up to 100 entries on a single page, making it painless for you to track and view all your bookings. 

The list displays all the key information you would want to know instantly, such as the status, location, booking title and much more. It can even navigate you to each of the booking detail pages, where you can quickly view, edit or update the information. The bookings tab also allows you to create a new booking right away. And that’s all you would ever need to manage your bookings.  

3. Create Project Cards To Organise Your Projects

A project card in StarAgent is where you can store all the details regarding an individual project. It helps you to systematically organise and differentiate your project information so you won’t mix up the details of all your projects. 

When you open the projects tab of your StarAgent account, you can easily view the project details at a quick glance. Further, you can create and view invoices, access the talents involved, edit project details and create a package from the project card itself. Every project card also displays the status of that project helping you to recognise where the project stands. Apart from that, clicking on the notes icon present on every project card also lets you add instant notes. The interactive platform of StarAgent talent management software assists you in your projects from start to finish relieving you from the stress of managing multiple projects.

4. Create Packages With Easy Sharing Options

With StarAgent, you can create packages and send them directly to clients from the software itself. StarAgent’s package feature allows you to feed so much information to your package that you won’t ever feel the need to take the help of any other software. You can perform a wide range of functions such as assigning talents, writing special notes about talents, adding photos, videos, providing package descriptions and so on. In the packages tab, you will find numerous package cards, each representing an individual package. 

Create all your packages from the Packages tab of your StarAgent account and get started with a structured system of handling your packages. 

5. Keep Your Bills Together

Invoices are often unmanageable with so much of details, and with numerous clients, keeping track of your invoices can be a daunting process. That’s why StarAgent devoted a whole tab for billing purposes. When you click on the ‘Billing’ tab, you get two options, ‘Invoices’ and ‘Estimates’. In the ‘Invoices’ section, you can create, edit and track all your invoices. The simple list view provides you with enough information such as ‘Client Name’, ‘Project Name’ and ‘Total Amount’ to get an overview of a particular invoice. Another useful feature to note is the ability to create invoice items as per your requirements. All these features make creating invoices a fun and smooth process. 

In the ‘Estimates’ section StarAgent has made it easy for you to create and send estimates within a few clicks. When you create an estimate, you can quickly convert it into an invoice, download it as a pdf or send it as an ‘Email’. Moreover, you get a wide range of fields to provide answers, so the estimate or the invoice leaves no room for doubts and confusion. 

6. Manage Your Taxes

Familiar with days when you have to manually add tax values making all your calculation process more complicated? But with StarAgent, managing multiple taxes is now just a matter of some clicks. In StarAgent, you get dedicated space for tax management, providing you with the opportunity to add taxes directly when creating invoices. This makes your calculation job much easier, saving you a ton of time. 

All you have to do is add the tax title and the tax value and hit ‘Add’. In this way, you can create a list of all taxes that apply to you. You can even edit or delete it whenever you want. Once you add your taxes, you just have to select the tax type from the drop-down menu of a particular created invoice or estimate, and StarAgent would do the rest. Sounds effortless, right? Hope on to our features page to know more ways of how StarAgent can simplify your agency tasks. 

7. Get Organised With Photo Category

A modelling agency has to deal with a lot of photos and videos on a daily basis, and storing them just on some software or your computer doesn’t make it as effortless as it sounds. Moreover, with a multitude of photographs of each talent, it becomes even more difficult to organise them. But with StarAgent’s photo category, we have made it easier for you to organise the photographs the way you want. Create unlimited folders of your choice and simply start uploading the photos in an organised manner. 


8. Managing The Client/Talent Documents

Once the photos are organised, the next thing that needs organisation is the documents of your models/clients. In StarAgent, you can create unlimited folders as per your requirements and upload the documents to the respective folders to handle them easily as well as to find them quickly. 

Once you are finished creating the folders, you just have to navigate to the required talent or client and click on the respective file’s icon. There you can upload the necessary files into the folders you created in the ‘Manage Folders’ page of your StarAgent account. 


That’s it for now! We have shown you the top 8 ways of using StarAgent to structure your agency’s work. But there’s always more to it. 

StarAgent has been developed keeping in mind the special requirements of a talent agency, and we promise you to make your agency functioning as trouble-free and exciting as possible. StarAgent, with its impactful tools and features, will continually be on your way to managing your agency task more structurally and smartly. 

To get introduced to this wonderful power-packed software, schedule a free demo now!