If you’re a manager of an established talent agency, or the ‘busy bee’ in your agency, StarAgent calendar can help!😛 You might be managing a large team, running from meeting to meeting, commencing projects, devising plans, making decisions, adjusting priorities, coordinating jobs, blah, blah, blah… With all these tasks to juggle, getting your team to win at deadlines might feel like a hard row to hoe! But you can’t afford to miss out on this, because as a manager, it’s one of your core responsibilities to help your entire team do their work in the allotted time.


Definitely, you can support them in several ways to do their tasks, but the issue is that you probably won’t get enough time to sit around and watch if your employees are accomplishing the milestones on time. Then, how do you set your team up for success and manage your people to meet their deadlines?

The calendar option on StarAgent talent agency management software is your answer! This is super beneficial for keeping your team (and of course, yourself!) on the right track to beat the deadlines. In this article, we’re giving you an inside look at this calendar. We believe you’ll appreciate the productive possibilities that arise with this time management tool in StarAgent.

The Calendar Option At A Glance

Whether you have a Standard or Premium StarAgent account, you will have two different calendar views in StarAgent:

1. User Calendar

When you’re managing a talent agency, questions about dates (due dates, appointment dates, invoice dates, and more) might come up often. Therefore, this calendar will help you to store and manage the details of all the upcoming meetings, deadlines, and events in a centralised location that your entire team can access. Besides having a bird’s-eye view of the overall schedules of your agency, you can choose to get automatic alerts (for yourself and your team) about the projects and pending or upcoming tasks. And because your employees have access to it, too, everyone can quickly understand what has to be done urgently and what’s around the corner. 


2. Talents Calendar

As a talent agency, you might need to manage lots of tasks that involve different talents. This calendar will help you to save and view everything related to your talent bookings, and castings. All the information your team enters on this calendar will be available to the concerned talent instantly on the StarAgent mobile app.

Setting Due Dates

Anyone from your agency who has access to StarAgent can set a date and time for when a project/task/event is ‘due’ by adding it in the user calendar by following the below steps: 

  • From the StarAgent logged-in screen, click on the Calendar window 🗓️ in the top-right corner. 
  • Go to ‘User Calendar’.
  • Navigate to the required date. 
  • A form will open up prompting you to type in the project/task title, start and end dates, agency members involved, and other details.
  • Once you fill out as much information as needed, click on ‘Save Event’.

✨ Pro Tip: You can set different colours for reminders to appear on your calendar.  For better convenience, we recommend you to consider assigning colour-code rules for various events or tasks in your agency rather than randomly assigning colours on the calendar. For instance, you may assign red for urgent tasks, amber for not immediate but needs attention tasks, green for low priority tasks, grey for team meetings, and so on. Although this may sound silly, such colour codes are quite useful in communicating easily with the team members on what type and status of work are awaiting him or her.

Set Reminders For Due Dates

Now, we are up-to-speed on how the calendar can be used to set due dates; next, let’s delve into reminders, as they go in tandem with due dates. Once you enter the due date and details about an event, you can kick off a reminder to be sent to yourself and everyone involved in it by ticking the checkbox near toReminder’ and saving it. When you add reminders, you will have three different options to select when you’d like to be reminded about the event.

NB: Reminders set for any event will appear for all those who are added in the ‘Users’ option of it. So, to get a reminder for yourself, all you need to do is to select your name (along with other involved agency members) from the drop-down list.

See Your Calendar For..


As a manager, user calendars are your best way to have a single view of tasks from all of your team’s projects and stay informed on what’s on deck for your team for the days and weeks ahead. This will help you to make more sensible team schedules or update the existing ones to avoid any chances of missed deadlines, or burnouts.

Using the calendar filtering options, your team members can also quickly see all of their assigned tasks, thereby staying on top of deadlines. Whether while starting on every morning, or wrapping up at month-end, viewing the calendar will help everyone from the agency visualize their workload for the day, week, or month.

Best Tips For Managing User Calendar

As with all tools and systems, there are a bunch of most effective practices for using the StarAgent calendar. Here are a few of them:

  • Never overcomplicate – try to be precise and ensure to include all the needed details while saving an event.
  • Practice colour coding of events/tasks (as we already discussed above) for quick visual consumption.
  • Regularly monitor the calendar to recognize who is under-utilized and who is over-utilized, and adjust schedules as necessary.
  • Utilize the ‘Project‘ filtering option to identify if any deliverables regarding the project haven’t gone out on the assigned dates.
  • Create different tasks or pieces of work within projects, and assign individual time slots for each of them, so that you can measure progress easily.

Make Work-Life Easier

Here at StarAgent, we’re always trying to bring new ways to help talent agencies make work feel like less work. The calendar option is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we offer. So stay tuned to hear more from us, or talk to our sales experts now to know what more StarAgent can do for you.