Streamlining the cashflow after each project completion or maintaining a monthly bill cycle on long-term projects could be a complicated and time consuming task while running a talent management agency. Having a billing software not only makes your job easier, it makes the overall process more efficient and helps you focus on your business growth. It speeds up invoice generations, minimizes human error, and helps you keep track of your payments in a seamless manner. Of course, getting it done with a digital tool means less paperwork too! All in all, it enables you to effortlessly track your company spending and swiftly submit professional invoices to various clients.

When invoicing is already available in your workflow management system, running your agency becomes really easy. StarAgent is one such agency management platform which has an integrated billing feature. Read on to see how simple and convenient invoicing can be.

Generating and sending project invoices to clients is a breeze with StarAgent. The “Projects” section on the platform is where you can find the option to get your bills sent in just a few clicks. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to create and share invoices in a super simple way.

Go to the ‘Projects’ section of your StarAgent by clicking on the icon in the sidebar on the left:

Project section

The page will open to show you a list of all the created projects you have added:

project list

Find the project you want to generate the invoice for, and click on ‘Invoice’.

click on invoice

On the top left corner of the next page, click on the button that says “Add Invoice”

add invoice

Fill in all the mandatory details:

Fill in all the mandatory details
  • Liaison: From the drop-down menu, select the liaison specialist you want to send the invoice to.
  • Insert: Once all the specifics have been entered, click on the Insert button to add more items to the Invoice.
  • Invoice Number: You can insert a unique number here, and this can be used to track the payment status.
  • Email ID: The email id associated with the selected liaison specialist will automatically be added here. In case this was not added, you may manually enter it now.
  • Invoice Due Date: Enter the due date within which you want your client to complete their payment.
  • Notes: Add any additional information you want to mention about the Invoice particulars here. For example, any notes about a special purchase or bill that incurred during the project that might need further explanation.
  • Recurring: Select this option if this is a recurring invoice.

Verify the details to ensure accuracy and select the box near ‘Send Invoice as Email’, and then click on ‘Submit’. The Invoice will be emailed to the Liaison Specialist you chose. Recurring invoices will be sent automatically at regular intervals if you have selected that option. 

Now you know how easy and convenient it is to create and share invoices with clients on StarAgent. And this is just one among the many amazing features the platform has, to make your agency’s workflow simple and smooth! Of course, for any further assistance or questions, the support desk is always available at your service. Talk to us today for a demo of this powerful talent management platform for your agency. There is even a 14-day free trial you can sign up for!