With so many recent updates, StarAgent modelling agency management software is one step closer to its goal of helping talent agencies to work efficiently in this pandemic era. This basically suggests that a great talent agency like yours just need the right platform or software which provides you with the opportunity to remain ultra-productive every single day. Being a cloud-based software with comprehensive features and excellent customer support, StarAgent is the new smart way to run your agency. And the best part is there’s always new updates launched consistently that makes talent agency management even more effortless! 

So, today, we thought of introducing you to some more new features that have been launched recently and something that can greatly systemise and simplify your agency’s efficiency. 

So let’s get started!

#1. Easily Reset Your Talents Passwords

No feature is too small. Forgetting passwords isn’t uncommon, and that’s why we wanted to incorporate a flexible password resetting system where your talents can reset their passwords easily. You can reset a talent’s password by clicking on the ‘Reset And Send Login‘ tab present in every talent’s ‘About Talent‘ tab.

Once you reset it, the talent will get a ‘Talent Login Reset‘ email which includes a machine-generated password that the talent can use to login to the talent portal. Not just talents, you can even reset your agency members passwords in a pretty similar way. With StarAgent, you get better control over things that matters and with better control comes better management!

💡Tip: To ensure better security, always choose passwords with at least six characters long, which includes both alphabets and numerals. For security reasons, StarAgent won’t allow you to reuse your previous password.

#2. Get Organised with Talent And Client Folders

Everyone loves a little organisation, and with StarAgent, we make that wish come true to keep your agency organised by having features that makes organisation easy. Agencies are prone to handle different files and folders, and keeping them at the right place and in the right order is a time-consuming job. But that’s the case with regular management software. With StarAgent, you wouldn’t have to worry about storing files, be it of the talents or clients. 

StarAgent being a cloud-based model management software, you get ample space to store all your talent and client documents and that too in different folders along with being easily accessible for you and your team. You can effortlessly manage the folders and create as many folders as you want to keep all your files in the proper place. To manage your client or talent folders, go to the settings menu and select ‘Manage Client File Folders’ or ‘Manage Talent File Folders’ as per your needs. 

💡Tip: Create folders based on the document type so you can quickly identify and know where to find the required one. 

#3. Display More Details With Schedules Types

Using StarAgent, you can painlessly sort out all your bookings to make it easier for you to understand them with just a view. Schedule types are helpful ways of adding the type of Bookings/Events (Casting, Shooting, Go See, Call Back, and so on) to a talent’s schedule. These are colour-coded and will appear on the talent calendar with the selected colour. You can manage these schedule types in the settings tab of the menu bar, where you can add as many schedule types as you require. All these schedules are showcased on the bookings in the talent calendar so you can instantly identify the booking type.

To create a schedule type, you just have to enter the name of the schedule type, pick a colour by pasting the chosen colour’s HTML code, and hit ‘Add‘ and you are done. You can also edit and delete the schedule types anytime you want. StarAgent as a model management software is not only about managing models; rather, it’s a blend of superior management functions along with intelligent and flexible tools to efficiently carry out all your agency tasks within a single platform.

💡Tip: Create specific schedules instead of generic ones, so your calendar explains the events even more efficiently. 


#4. Create And Assign Multiple Project Talent Status

StarAgent always goes the extra mile when it comes to effectively presenting even the most minor details, just like how this project talent status feature lets you mention the current status of the talents involved in a project. This status feature helps you to add extra information about the project’s talents, such as Auditioned, Selected, Rejected, Shortlisted, etc. This way, you get a better understanding and more clarity about the stage where a particular talent stands regarding a project without wasting your time searching for the information.

Agency users can even maintain and manage a list of talent statuses that can be used for talents added to a Project. Add multiple statuses from the ‘Manage Project Talent Status‘ menu in the settings tab, wherein you just have to enter the status name and hit ‘Add‘ to successfully add the status titles to the list. 

💡Tip: Assign specific status that informs the correct state of the talent selection, leaving no room for ambiguity. 


#5. Set Individual Talent Rate

Knowing the talent rate wouldn’t ever have become so effortless. With StarAgent, you can display each talent’s rate on the respective talent card, making it easier for you and your agency members to skim through the talent rate quickly

Such a feature comes in handy, especially when you have a large talent pool and filtering them based on the rates seems nearly impossible. Also, this rate is auto-filled while an agency user assigns a talent to a booking and can later be fetched while creating invoices for the client as well. You can access this feature from the talents tab of the main menu bar. 

💡Tip: Edit your talent rate whenever you want by clicking on the edit option of the rate tab. This makes it easy to update the rates frequently when it is required. 

Get Started With Better Model Management!

So, that’s all about the new updates, but it’s not over! We are constantly working to improve and find new dynamic features, so that model management takes a whole new form. By collaborating with the top agencies over the past few years, we were able to create the perfect tools that guarantee you an accelerated work performance and increased satisfaction. Moreover, it has become a secret mantra for proficiently managing talents, with thousands of talents being managed currently by agencies across the globe.

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