Struggling to find the perfect model who’s actually available for your project? You’re not alone. The endless back-and-forth of scheduling inquiries, date juggling, and disappointment when your dream model is already booked can cripple your creative workflow. But say goodbye to those frustrations! StarAgent’s brand new Availability Filter is here to revolutionize the model booking experience, turning casting from a tedious chore into a smooth, efficient delight.

How to Use StarAgent’s Availability Filter For Effortless Scouting 

Ready to discover models who perfectly align with your timeline? Let’s go! When you get a new project and begin to scout for models within your database by listing specific features or skills or tags, simply include your project’s desired date range as a filter. StarAgent’s powerful algorithm will instantly present you with a curated selection of talented models, all guaranteed to be free and ready to shine during your specific window. This is real scheduling magic, saving you precious time and energy to focus on what matters most: bringing your creative vision to life.

For Agencies: Quicker, Simpler Casting
For Agencies: Quicker, Simpler Casting
  • Slash calendar chaos: No more wasted time chasing phantom availability. Secure the perfect fit, faster and easier than ever.
  • Boost efficiency: Streamline your casting process and keep projects moving at lightning speed. Leave the logistical juggling to StarAgent.
  • Embrace confidence: Eliminate booking uncertainties and confidently plan your shoots, knowing your chosen model is on board.
  • Focus on creativity: Free your mind from logistical hurdles and delve deeper into your artistic vision. Let StarAgent handle the scheduling behind-the-scenes.
For Models: Convenient, Transparent Scheduling
For Models: Convenient, Transparent Scheduling
  • Maximize opportunities: Showcase your availability upfront and attract agencies seeking talent for your specific dates.
  • Transparent scheduling: Eliminate the “Are you free?” inquiries and let your calendar speak for itself.
  • Streamlined bookings: Say goodbye to the back-and-forth communication and say hello to direct, effortless bookings.
  • Take control of your career: Manage your schedule with clarity and land projects that perfectly align with your plans.

StarAgent’s Availability Filter is just the beginning. Imagine refining your search with future features like location, project type, and skill filters. Get ready for a casting experience that’s tailor-made for your needs, every time.

Experience the power of effortless model booking today! Sign up for StarAgent and experience the future of casting. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this game-changer in the comments below!

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