– A Critical Component Of A Talent Management Software?

As the fashion domain continues to flourish with the speed of light, managing new modeling projects by agencies has gone beyond just finding cute faces and trendy outfit designs. With infinite amounts of data at hand, it’s quite natural for talent agencies to have a difficult time managing their clients’ requirements and having an even harder time articulating how to make their agency work better. 

In this context, STARAGENT – an integrated model management software system, can take the front seat to short-term revenue acceleration goals.  

This argument logically begs the question of how a simple software can manage an entire modeling agency. To make it simple for you, let us break down each feature of Staragent into different articles! 

While Staragent has got all the essential features to manage a project through every stage of its life cycle right from your desktop, here we will outline the software’s most crucial feature – the REAL-TIME DASHBOARD – that make it a high-priority purchase for modeling agencies who want to uphold their leading performance.

Real-Time Dashboard – The Hot New Feature 

Real-time visibility is imperative in any industry, but indeed more so in the field of fashion, where numerous moving parts need to strive together, to attain success. The “moving parts” referred to, are people whose personal data are continuously evolving – and must be updated regularly. 

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how the dashboard of Staragent can benefit your company.

  • Manage All Your Jobs In One Place!

How would you feel if we told you that you could manage a wide range of tasks in one dashboard, along with visibility to the updated list of all the prevailing activities, pending works, available staff, and much more! 


Here is what it’s all about!

Our cloud-based software offers you the possibility to effortlessly examine your key projects overview, and static reports better together, and get inspiration and useful resources quickly for your organisation. 

You can also view your entire team’s workload and track all the projects instantly even though there are hundreds (well, congrats on reaching there!).

  • Instant Pop-Ups And Team Notifications

Guess what? 

A team member has completed the task assigned just a few minutes back. Wait – it will pop-up instantly on your dashboard, making it easier for you to know who is currently engaged and who is free! 

Instant reflection of the added projects and forthcoming events will help you keep track of the most current timeline, without your boss having to yell it out to you!



  • Engage With Talents At Ease

StarAgent’s talent management dashboard gives you a list of all the recently added talents.

And, just over a single click on the talent names, all the supporting data required for you to start a potential discussion with the talent will be available!

  • No More Static Reports!

Traditional business reports are static information retrieved at a particular moment that require crazy efforts to be up to date. With a real-time dashboard that embraces you to the data analysis of the projects, invoiced amounts, and business forecasting, files and spreadsheets will become a thing of the past. 

Studies show that leveraging real-time, actionable data has been helping organizations achieve 5% fewer staffed hours. The executive management can also gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization, as well as the clients, letting them make better strategic decisions and attain improved performance.

  • Powerful Visualizations

Thanks to our modern model management tool – you will be able to visualize your data with different graphs and charts on project statistics, invoiced amounts, and client details. These real-time data will always be up to date, so the arduous work of manually gathering all the details is no longer a painful ordeal!

We guess you are still confused about how Staragent makes it easier for you to handle a project and wrap it up to the final event. Well, this is not the end! Staragent has got tons of other features that make it an essential tool for agencies to manage their staff and provide the services required by the clients, thereby letting them become far more integrated across the office capabilities. 

So, stay tuned for our upcoming articles on Staragent’s more features, that will surely make your agency fall head over heels for this exciting new software!