PACKAGES – they are an essential part of any talent agency’s daily tasks.

Especially if you are new to the field, submitting casting options or sharing your talent recommendations for upcoming briefs from clients is more like opportunities to make great first impressions on them. Whether you have hundreds of talents, updated portfolios, and their very best images to showcase, you need to present them in the most professional and dynamic formats. Today, with thousands of modelling agencies competing to become the best out there, it is vital for you to put in an extra effort to create and share unique Show Packages that let clients select the right set of candidates they need for specific purposes conveniently. 

StarAgent model agency management software makes this possible by letting you make the perfect selection of talents according to your clients’ needs faster and sending them in beautifully presented ‘StarAgent Packages’ in just five steps. Below you will see how easy that task simply is.😊

Create & Send A Package With StarAgent

To access the ‘Packages’ option in StarAgent, you will have to log in to the portal with your credentials and follow these five steps:

#1. Click on the ‘Packages’ option in the left sidebar.

#2. The page will refresh, and you will be taken to the Packages page, where you can type in the name of your Package (Title) and what type of Package (Description) you are creating. Following that, select the status (‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’) of the Package.

#3. Now, hit ‘Submit’.

#4.Once the Package has been created, you can populate it with the talents you want to by clicking on ‘Manage Talents’, and choosing those you wish to send to your client. You can use the ‘Search’ and ‘Advanced Search’ options here to quickly sort and find the talents that meet your clients’ requirements.

#5. Once you have filled everything out, click ‘Send Package’ and enter the name and email ID of the client you wish the created Package to go to. You can also select to include or remove ‘Talent Measurements’ from the Package. 

For more information on using the ‘Packages’ option in StarAgent, either go to the blue ‘Help Button’ in the lower right-hand corner of your logged-in screen, or shoot us an email 📧 at  support@staragent.co or hello@staragent.co.


That’s it! 🙌

Why StarAgent Packages?

If you analyse different modelling agency software, you could see that most of them possess the ‘Packages’ functionality. Some of them might offer basic customisation options, while other vendors might provide advanced options for this. With a better understanding of what a talent agency actually needs, we, however, have designed StarAgent with a blend of both customisation and advanced options. Here’s how Packages in StarAgent is intended to be different from others, helping you showcase your talents in a fittingly impressive manner.

  • Unlike most other modelling agency systems, StarAgent lets you preview the client view of the Package by clicking the ‘View Client Link’ option, helping you to send it out completely error-free.  
  • The Package links sent through StarAgent are dynamic, which means you can update it with a new talent or additional information even after forwarding it to your clients.
  • Clients can provide feedback directly from these packages, select talents by checking the boxes near the talent profiles, and note down comments related to talents in the boxes provided next to their profiles in the packages.
  • As an additional feature, StarAgent will also let you download the portfolio packages as PDF for print purposes.

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Stay On Top With StarAgent

Finding the right talents for specific roles and presenting them before the clients in the very best manner within the set deadlines can definitely be stressful, but they don’t have to be unmanageable as you think. With StarAgent talent agency management software, you can empower your team to get their best work done within the required time, no matter how big or small the projects you handle are.

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