Now that we have covered what StarAgent is and how it can help you as the best talent management tool, let’s look at the different subscription plans offered.

StarAgent is designed to suit different types of talent management agencies, regardless of size. Whether you are a solo freelancer running the show single-handedly or a team of professionals managing an established agency, we have the features to accommodate your unique requirements. Furthermore, our pricing plans are also curated to suit different needs ranging from single workspaces to enterprise-level agencies. All our plans have unlimited talents, projects, clients, galleries and packages, which means, be it 100 or 10,000 talents, you pay the same! 

StarAgent Pricing Models

Solo, Standard, and Premium are the three different types of subscriptions offered for StarAgent, and these can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis as per your need. We recommend annual subscription since it comes at a whopping 20% discount! Check out the table below for comparing the plans, or check out the pricing page for pricing details. In case you have more than 50 users or multiple offices, you would require additional security, control and support. Do reach out to our support team for the best way to utilize StarAgent in such a scenario.

monthly plan

To help you make a more informed decision, you can now sign up for a FREE 14-day trial run for one of our pricing plans and see how StarAgent is an undeniable management asset to help you successfully grow your talent management agency. Or you can ask for a free demo instead