Busywork – at some point in our working life, we all have experienced it. 

According to the major studies we have referred to, an average of around 82% of workers reports feeling burned out, mostly because of the busywork. And when it comes to the case of talent agency employees, this is mainly associated with onboarding talents, mailing comp sheets, remembering due dates, reporting project details, sending monthly invoices, and keeping talents informed about their bookings and schedules. 

Moreover, one in four agencies we have talked with, reports that they have no right tool in place to reduce this workload. Being a company dedicated to supporting talent agencies to ease out their day-to-day tasks, we wanted to change that. So, when developing StarAgent talent agency management software, we have ensured to include a suite of automation features, which can help agency members to automate a lot of their tasks and processes, so they can spend more time on high-value work that matters. 

Today, we’re here with some of those most useful applications of StarAgent that will help you say 👋 to busywork for good!

#1. Enable Self-Registration For Talents

As a talent agency, the talent onboarding process is your storefront. Often, your agents will bear the onus of carrying out a multi-threaded registration process, using minimal resources allotted to them. Dozens of meetings, hundreds of emails, thousands of phone calls, and the endless tasks of carefully copying out each detail from the biodata sent by the talents to spreadsheets or other model management tools – stress is all in a day’s work for them. Therefore, to make work a bit easier for talent agents, StarAgent has enabled a ‘Self-registration’ option.

With this, agents can send out easy-to-fill registration forms to talents with just a few clicks, making it convenient for the talents to register themselves from anywhere. All the data entered by them in these forms will be automatically updated on StarAgent after verification, thereby freeing up a lot of your staff’s valuable time

Moreover, opting for online registration processes on StarAgent also supports the onboarding of any number of talents at a time, thereby speeding up the work of your agents significantly.

#2. Get Real-Time Project Insights

If your agency follows a workflow in which your employees manually report on project data every day, it will, not only take their unnecessary time and effort but also make it challenging for you to get immediate information and details whenever needed. Additionally, this traditional process of reporting provides a backwards-looking status snap of the projects typically.

So, rather than collecting data from individual agency members and cobbling it together to get an idea of the overall performance of your agency, you can now cast an eye over the StarAgent Dashboard. This will help you to collect, combine, and examine data and statistics about your talents, projects, and clients, through automatically populated charts and graphs based on the data entered on StarAgent. 

Everyone – managers, executives, and employees – from the team will have access to the always up-to-date dashboards, leading to better project collaboration and efficiency.

#3. Send Packages In A Few Clicks

Forget those endless hours you used to search for the talents that meet your client requirements and cumbersome emails you used to send to the clients to showcase the selected talent portfolios! StarAgent is here with the robust search functionality that enables you to easily identify the models/talents for a role and a packaging module that allows you to quickly send the talent comp cards online to the clients to access from anywhere in the world. 

In just a few clicks, you can send your talent portfolio package to prospects or clients, and update your package links from anywhere at any time, with new talents or additional information if needed after forwarding. 

#4. Keep Work On Track With Automatic Alerts

No matter how well you set up a to-do list and calendar for your team, most of them aren’t going to get things done unless they have a reliable way of reminding themselves to finish off the task. Fortunately, StarAgent has brought you ways to send automatic alerts to your employees about the things they need to do at a particular time. 

Whether while delegating an important task, or setting a date for an event, you can choose to set a reminder for all the involved agents to be alerted from 15-60 minutes before the task is due. Furthermore, you can also choose to set up self reminders for your daily tasks so that you can effortlessly remember everything, while you move on with the day. 

#5. Opt For Recurring Invoices

Do you have clients whom you charge the same amount every month? Then StarAgent is ready to help you immediately to set those invoices on repeat and keep them recurring for as long as you desire. By doing this, the invoices will be automatically sent to the concerned client’s email, saving a lot of your time every month. 

For an average agency, it takes around 8-9 minutes to create an invoice. So, if you send out about 50 invoices a month, you will have to spend almost 400-450 minutes per month on this. However, with StarAgent, you can automate all of them. Then just imagine – how much greater time savings will you have in six months! Almost 80%, right? 

#6. Inform Talents At The Right Time

Physically calling multiple talents, or composing emails to share messages and announcements to all the needed talents about any bookings or events is another challenging task for your team. With a new update, StarAgent has now made it possible for all the talent involved, to receive notifications whenever your agency creates a booking

Moreover, a reminder will be set automatically for all the involved talents to be received a day before the scheduled date.

And in case of sharing additional information regarding the bookings or events to a larger number of talents, you can choose to broadcast the common message for all of them to receive at once, saving up the time spent to send repeated messages.

It’s Time To Work Smarter!

Even though a bit of manual effort is needed to move your agency forward, it doesn’t have to be a drain on your team. From big, recurring problems to small day-to-day tasks, discovering ways to reduce manual activities can help your team advance on productivity. 

Once you move your workplace to StarAgent, your team will never have to waste time on any of the tasks mentioned above again.  And when you take that busywork out of your team’s most essential workflows, there would be no limit to what you can accomplish as an agency. 

So, sign up for a free demo of StarAgent today to see these time-saving features and even more highlights!