“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” – Peter Drucker

But, if you are running a model management agency, how can you save time, and become more efficient and potentially lucrative with your operations?

StarAgent is the answer! 

By enabling faster and easier management of models, clients, and tasks, among an array of other features, it is capable of revolutionizing the way modeling and talent agencies operate their businesses. With a multitude of features available today on this model management software below is the complete list of features currently available under the talent management module of this platform.

  • Talent Database

No more spreadsheets!

Manage your talents’ info – full name, age, location, physical features, lifestyle details, previous and ongoing commitments, language proficiency, personal availability to schedule meetings, tasks and other events, agendas dedicated to the castings for a better overview and understanding, past experiences, headshots, and special skills – all in one place!

Perhaps, this will be your most essential operations tool. With just a few clicks, you can add models saved in the talent database to a package and send it over to your client. The system generates a dynamic web page where your client can view the shortlisted models, their images and detailed bio. Within minutes you make all the information needed for the client to finish the model selection process ready at their fingertips! 

  • Image & Video Gallery

Managing photos and videos are in the core of any talent agency’s business model. 

Our state of the art tool offers an organised media platform for comfortable management of model/talent photos, and videos. Upload as many images as you need at once, and edit talent portfolios, anytime, so that you can showcase your clients the portfolio with up to date media! 

You can also organise the uploaded photos and videos into different folders such as ‘seasons’ or ‘shoots’, for each talent.

  • Talent Registration

Talents are your assets. So, make talent registration as easy and convenient as possible for them. 

With StarAgent, you can either set up a traditional registration process where you will manually enter the details and media of the talents, or a self-registration process where you will send easy-to-fill registration forms online to talents. The data entered by the talents will be updated in the database automatically after verification.

  • Advanced Biodata

You need your models to get noticed. This is where the need for better biodatas comes in. 

Our talent management system will let you manage professional and easy to read resumes for the talents, which can be readily presented to clients and casting directors. This could include the personal as well as professional details of the talents, and photos from the actual work of the model, as well as photos that the model has taken with the help of a photographer on the model’s own behalf  (we call these ‘tests’).   

  • Tagging

For some casting requirements, your clients may ask for specific skills. 

With the tagging feature of StarAgent, you may enter in all unique skills of talents as tags, with which you may quickly search and locate the right model for a role.

  • Talent Status

With the Status option on this talent agency software, identify if the talent is available or not without even opening his/her profile. 

“Inactive” status of the talent indicates that he/she won’t be available for appointments, while “active” status intimates that the talent is available, and can be suggested for casting requirements. 

  • Talent Rating

Along with the talent details, the client ratings (from one star to five stars) for each talent is displayed on their respective profiles. 

This feature could make the talent selection process far better for your clients.  

  • Searchable Skills 

Got an urgent client requirement? 

With StarAgent’s powerful search functionality, run searches based on the needed criteria, and quickly find which model/ talent would best suit that particular job.

  • Unlimited Talents

Better the number of talents in your book, better your agency will be! So, we haven’t set any limits on the number of talents you may manage using StarAgent. 

Store as many talents, as many images, and as many details about your talents on this cloud-based modeling software, and get instant access to the stored data anytime-anywhere.

  • No Compromise On Quality!

Let your clients be impressed with the quality images and videos of your talents. Our state of the art algorithms compress the images and videos with no loss in quality and optimises it for fast loading over the web. 

High-resolution images and videos that your clients and casting directors would love to see can be made available to them through StarAgent without imperilling the quality!

If you have read this far, we are sure you are interested in improving your agency’s productivity. Staragent can help you optimise operations and save countless man hours. Want a demo? Call +65 8690 2044, or email us at hello@staragent.co today!

Using one of our competitors? No worries, we can assist you to transfer all of your important data quickly and accurately to ensure a seamless transition.