When you ask why some agencies are super productive, the answer is they work in an ingenious way. Being fast and quick in carrying out agency functions saves them a lot of time for jobs that need more focus. And gradually, this way of approaching various tasks gives them a better grip over the agency functions.Β 

A modelling agency surely needs an intelligent solution for managing its operations, and StarAgent talent agency management software makes up to be a great solution!

We have come a long way in making StarAgent one of the best tools out there to manage your agency effortlessly. And many of its tools and features are amazingly effective when it comes to making everything faster. So here in this article, we will introduce you to some top tips and tricks to get 2x faster in dealing with your agency. So, let’s get started.

1. Use Shortcuts

Cut down your time needed to half by using shortcuts. Yes, StarAgent lets you enjoy shortcuts when you are in a hurry to get things done. You can add talents, projects, tasks and clients easily with just a click and thereby avoid crawling through the whole software. These are present upfront on the dashboard enabling you to get started right away. The ‘+Talent’, ‘+Projects’, ‘+Task’, and ‘+Client’ circular tabs will help you get instant access to the ‘Add New Talent, ‘Add New Project’, ‘Add New Task’, and ‘Add New Client’ pages respectively. Apart from that, it also features a Quick Search Bar to access the right information instantaneously. Just type what you’re looking for into the search field and click on one of the suggestions to open it.

Using shortcuts is an amazing way to jump on the tools directly without taking the long route.

2. Get Instant Overview Of Your Agency Operations

When you log in to your StarAgent account, the first thing you see is the dashboard from where you can perform an array of functions as well as get an overview of different statistics. The dashboard helps you to gain insight into how your team is using your StarAgent workspace. There is a multitude of options and details available that can allow you to remain updated every second. Features or panels of the StarAgent dashboard include the search bar, shortcuts, statistics panel, graphs and charts, recently added, upcoming tasks/event lists, calendar, chat and the menu bar.

πŸ‘‰ Dashboard analytics are updated each time your agency members make any changes. You won’t need to manually update them.

3. Search Anything Quickly

Accessing the right information quickly is the key to working productively. Now, if you want to search for a particular talent, project, client or job, StarAgent makes it effortless to fetch the details real quick. With intelligent search functions for every required tab, it makes searching an easy job.Β 

You can run searches based on specific criteria to find the models, clients, projects or jobs that are the best fit for a specific purpose. The intelligent search comes with a list of parameters that you need to enter as per your preferences, and you are done! Based on the inputs, you will get the most exact matches. There is a basic search for general use as well as an advanced search tool to help you pinpoint the requirements and get specific results.Β 

Get to know about our smart search πŸ‘‰ How To Best Use The Advanced Search Option

4. Convert Projects To Packages Or Vice Versa With A Click

Converting projects to packages and from packages to projects is one of the latest updates from StarAgent. Once you create your project, we make it easy for you to convert it into packages easily. Likewise, we make it easy to convert packages into projects as well.

This quick transformation ability of StarAgent is what makes it an exceptional workspace where you enjoy working. Now you really don’t have to run around selecting every single thing to create a package or project; just click the concerned button, and there you have it.

5. Tax Management

Adding each and every tax that applies to you manually, calculating everything, and that too for various clients sounds complicated. With StarAgent, we found a solution for that! Now managing tax is much easier.

The Manage Tax page of your StarAgent account lets you add taxes titles with their values to make the billing process quick and simple. Once you add your tax values, you can directly add the tax to the price by selecting the tax type from the drop-down menu while creating your invoices or estimates.

6. Set Client Types

Client types are the additional classifications given to help you define your clients (e.g., “prospect”). Once you are finished with setting up client types on StarAgent, you can assign them to any number of clients whenever needed. Note that when you create client profiles, StarAgent will want you to add a Client Type to their profile. This categorisation of clients can be a useful tool to organise and manage your clients more efficiently.

You can create as many client types as you want and assign them accordingly. However, you can assign only one client type to a particular client. Editing or deleting any created Client Type is also possible on StarAgent, providing you with a flexible work environment.

πŸ‘‰ Setting Client Type is a great way to filter out a specific client in StarAgent.

7. Get Ready With Your Invoice Items

StarAgent gives you the perfect way of invoicing without making it complex or a monotonous job. Now you can effortlessly issue invoices in the standard format and register payments made by your clients.Β 

Invoice items are the items for which you have charged a fee. In StarAgent, you can create a list of such invoice items to make it easy for you to create invoices for clients. Incorporating invoice items also makes the invoice more clear and straightforward. You can add, edit or delete those items as per your needs. When you get such a level of flexibility with software, you naturally become more competent in handling agency operations.

πŸ‘‰ Select the checkbox β˜‘οΈ to allow your invoices to be sent automatically to the client as an email so you can just sit back, relax, and focus on your business.

The Faster Way Of Dealing With Your Agency

StarAgent model agency management software has been developed with an aim to help create an efficient workspace for modelling agencies to function better. Its tools and features let you work smartly, so you have tons of time left for more important tasks.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you explore more into StarAgent, you will realise there’s more to this powerful software with intelligent tools.

We would really encourage you to take that first step towards adopting this software so you can experience your and your team’s productivity level going high.

If you love to give it a go, then go ahead and schedule a free demo now!