When it comes to managing modelling agencies, most of the agency managers and their peers want freedom and flexibility in how they work. They just can’t do with a stubborn software that tells them to do something in a specific way rather than them telling the software to do it in their way. And that’s why StarAgent is developed to bring in the most wanted freedom and flexibility in their workflow. 

At this stage, you might be well aware of what StarAgent is all about, and every now and then, we come up with numerous updates to make this software as powerful as it is required to be. This time we are here with a lot more new tools to streamline your work and boost productivity while making the management process simple. We are sure you would never opt for another model agency management software once you get the hang of StarAgent. It’s that powerful!

Now let’s jump right into the newly released features, all geared towards helping agencies like yours do their best work where, when and how they prefer. 

1. QuickBooks Integration

For those of you who are using the QuickBooks accounting software package, we are here to help you integrate that into your StarAgent account to have better control over your financial matters as well as to give you better financial insights. Although StarAgent is already equipped with a comprehensive billing feature, we still love to provide you all the freedom to work as you love. 

Connecting your StarAgent account to QuickBooks is very easy in StarAgent, where you just have to click on the ‘Connect To Quickbooks‘ tab and follow the login process. 


2. Package Feedback

As an agency manager, you would definitely be aware of the importance of feedback and its impact. Therefore providing a special place for entering feedback is necessary if you want to work better. So here we are with a smart tool for it.

Package feedback is yet another impressive and innovative feature that lets your clients communicate their feedback on specific talents listed in the package. This nifty feature allows your client to mention their views on specific talents while also letting them select the prefered talents. With this feature, you can also access the feedback easily through the software itself.

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3. Talent Rates

Every talent has different rates, and asking them repeatedly is not something we choose to do. So to cover for it, we created an amazing tool that lets you display the rates per hour of each talent on an individual talent card. You can edit it or update it as you prefer whenever you want. 

This can serve as an excellent tool to know all your talent rates with just a sneak peek. It also saves you a ton of time while bringing in transparency. 

4. Individual Talent Bookings List

Individual talent bookings list is our newest addition to bring all your talent bookings to one place while also making it easy to get organised individual talent bookings. Oftentimes in other model management software, we find all the bookings together, making it even worse to organise, differentiate and understand.

So to bridge that inefficiency, we came up with this spectacular feature where once you create and record all your talent bookings, it directly appears in each talent’s bookings tab. This, in turn, is a painless way to keep track of your particular model bookings quickly and perfectly. 

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5. Comprehensive Settings

This time we have updated our settings panel to make it more user friendly and comprehensible. This is because most of the time, software like StarAgent comes with a complex settings feature, where understanding them can be a pretty tricky task. And it can make you confused, not knowing about how things work. But now, in StarAgent, we have upgraded things to make you feel lighter. 

The settings panel of your StarAgent account now consists of all the essential settings you would require while using StarAgent to manage your agency. In addition, its clean visual design makes it even more straightforward to comprehend and find things you need in a snap. With easy to understand icons and simple descriptions, we make it effortless for you to get a hint of everything you could do with your StarAgent settings panel.  

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Now it’s your turn! StarAgent model agency management software with its powerful tools is all you need to upgrade your agency performance. StarAgent is developed especially to work smarter and faster and includes everything you need to remain on track. Every tool and functionality in StarAgent will help you build a working system that’s characterised by high work efficiency and better output.

So that’s it for now! We hope this slew of features inspire you to work productively and with more flexibility and freedom. 

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