Migrating to StarAgent from an older booking system used by your model agency is hassle-free and convenient. Here is a quick look into how you can and why you should switch to this advanced talent agency management software.

Among the biggest challenges talent management agencies face is managing multiple talents, clients, and projects, while simultaneously ensuring all the data is current and updated. Although legacy management systems have helped in the past, the new normal of remote working has wreaked havoc in workflow management and many agencies are struggling to cope. Enter StarAgent, the cloud-based model agency management software, which is now popular among talent agencies and freelance casting agents.

This platform allows you to monitor and complete day-to-day tasks, enables seamless workflow, and boosts team productivity even while the members are geographically scattered. Agencies can use StarAgent to onboard models, artists etc and store all their details; creating and monitoring projects, events, invoices, etc also becomes easier. Older booking systems don’t usually cover all these features, so the best way forward is to migrate to a premium cloud software for talent agencies. 

How do you migrate? Simple! Once you have chosen from among the flexible StarAgent subscription plans that best suits your agency, simply handover your data to our experts. Whether your team uses Excel sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox or other booking systems, our experts can help migrate it over to StarAgent easily. Typically, the whole process takes less than a week!

While we do the heavy lifting for you, here are some ways in which you can prep your team to start using a new management system:

Keep it simple

The first few projects you manage using StarAgent will serve as hands-on lessons for your team. It will also show them the work pattern to be adapted on the platform. Naming and tagging each task will bring clarity to the process, and help team members understand it better and complete it faster. No matter how big or small the project, every task can be broken down into smaller steps or subtasks.  Getting the team comfortable with the smaller and simpler tasks is the best way to get them accustomed to the system better.

Naming and tagging
Client and Project Management

Ease into the new

While no project is too big or small for StarAgent, your team might find it easier to learn the tool if you pick a small project first, ideally one that can be completed within a few days or weeks. This way, they can see real-time results and be encouraged to use it more often.

Show and tell the benefits

Demonstrate how team productivity can be boosted through the cool features in the tool, like the real-time dashboard or the mobile app that are designed for convenience as well as essential functionalities. As the team works together and sees how StarAgent helps them collaborate seamlessly across tasks, teams, and projects, they will be more than happy to adapt to the new normal. Helping your team understand that StarAgent is a tool to make their lives (work!) easier can be done through a constant and open communication strategy.

Here are some benefits that will enhance your agency’s productivity:

  1. Organized Team Management
  2. Easy Talent Management
  3. Better Client and Project Management
  4. Bookings And Packages
  5. Instant Analytics
  6. Efficient Communication
  7. Talent Mobile App And Web Portal
  8. Flexible Subscription Pricing

Have any more questions? Reach out to us and we’ll give you a hand. With StarAgent you can take your agency’s productivity to the next level!