It’s February, and it’s winter in most of the countries, which for some people can mean a decline in their overall productivity. Luckily, you can fight this seasonal slump off with a bit of decluttering and organisation. 

Today we’re here with five such top tips to help you get things done every day even more efficiently with the StarAgent talent agency management software

When leveraged these correctly, you will be able to take the stress of managing myriad tasks out of your brain and put them organized, thereby focussing on the right work at the right time, sparking more productivity for the slumberous season – and spreading a bit more happiness on your team.😊

#1. Master Your Tasks

Just think of the ‘StarAgent User Calendar’ as your home base. On this, you can see all of the tasks that are assigned to you and your co-workers, no matter what department of your talent agency you work in. In conjunction with this, the ‘Users’ option in the calendar filter is designed to help you part out just the tasks assigned to you from that of others, analyse the priorities, and focus on high-impact work accordingly.

To get the most out of it, you would have to lock-off some time every morning to review your tasks for the day (switch to the day view of the calendar by clicking on ‘Day’ on the top right), prioritise these tasks, and make a list of them according to the FOUR Ds:


For tasks that are important and with closer due dates, mark them as ‘Important/Urgent’ in your list to start doing first.


For tasks that are important but with distant due dates, mark them for ‘Important/Not Urgent’, so you’re prioritising the most pressing work to do initially.


If you find a task that has already been finished by you or any of your co-workers, comment it in the description section of the task, and mark it as ‘complete’ in your list.


If there are any tasks for which you don’t have enough bandwidth for and still need to be finished, head over straight to your StarAgent chatbox and ask your manager to re-assign them to someone else.

Now create a schedule for the day with the Important/Urgent tasks first, proceeded by Important/Not Urgent tasks. And while you do that, remember you aren’t a robot.😉 So schedule tasks allotting breaks in between to refresh and recharge. 

✨ Tip: Getting a weekly review process is also a productive habit, highly recommended by experts. You can use the calendar’s weekly view to stay on track with your most important goals as you head into your new workweek.

#2. Break Down Your Tasks

Some of your tasks might be big. When you come across such tasks, ask yourself, does it make sense to break these into smaller tasks? If your answer is “YES”, then break down the tasks into smaller chunks, and add these as independent tasks on your calendar with clear titles. In the details of these tasks, mention the parent task for even more clarity.

✨ Tip: Getting a weekly review process is also a productive habit, highly recommended by experts. You can use the calendar’s weekly view to stay on track with your most important goals as you head into your new workweek.

#3. Set Reminders For Action Items

Now that you’ve decluttered, organized, and prioritized all your tasks for the day. You might have got a lot of flagged items on your list at present. So, the next thing you should do is set up reminders for the tasks to effortlessly keep them actionable without missing.

For this, click on a particular task on your calendar and select the checkbox next to Reminder‘. Choose from the drop-down list how much time beforehand you want to receive the automatic reminder for the task, and hit ‘Save Event‘.

✨ Tip: Set your reminder to occur before the task’s actual due time to give yourself some time to work on it. For example, set a casting submission’s reminder at least 30 minutes prior to the time mentioned in the task, so that you will have enough time to search and find the talents that meet specific requirements, and share their comp sheets as packages with clients.

#4. Color Code Everything

Along with helping you ditch spreadsheets you used for talent management, StarAgent also prevents your desk from being covered with sticky notes and highlighters that help you memorise the tasks to be done; but that doesn’t mean we completely got rid of the colours.😎

Contrary to this, we give you the option to add colours to your tasks to denote their statuses. And while doing that, consider sticking on to a colour-code rule instead of randomly assigning hues for tasks or events. 

For instance, you may consider assigning: 

  • RED for urgent tasks
  • AMBER for not too immediate but needs attention tasks
  • GREEN for low priority tasks
  • GREY for team meetings, and so on.

Adding colours this way will help you to scan information by glancing at the colours easily.

#5. Check For Upcoming Tasks/Events Every Morning

The ‘Upcoming Tasks’ section in the dashboard exists to notify you of all the forthcoming tasks or events. These could be tasks created either by you, your manager, or other employees – and they could be due at any time soon. 

Aim to check these along with your tasks in the calendar daily, so as to get a quick idea of what’s there to happen in your agency shortly, and what needs to be tackled by all of you as a team.

Take Productivity With You

So, you’ve created and organized your tasks – all that’s left now is to start working on them efficiently. But with the StarAgent modelling agency management tool at hand, you don’t have to worry about that! 

However, as a pro tip, we will advise you to enter into your StarAgent account from your mobile or laptop before you get into the office each morning and do the following actions so that you won’t have to spend your working hours on these operations:

  • Review and prioritize your tasks for the day
  • Create subtasks or edit already existing tasks with colour codes
  • Set reminders for the tasks to be received along the day

Making this a daily habit will set you up for better time management and improved productivity each day, finally finding yourself at consistently checking off all your to-dos, with finesse at that.

Hungry for more tips?👉👉Visit our blog page and join us on Social Media to find more tips and tricks on using StarAgent. And people who are new here, please request for a free demo now to see how StarAgent can be useful for you.