With the widely popular new work-culture shift favoring remote working, cloud-based agency management tools have become necessary for smoother operations. Finding one that suits your needs and simplifies your job rather than making it more complicated, can be tough. 

StarAgent is a popular casting agency management software that has many useful features for workflow management. This article covers some of the main features of StarAgent and how it sets itself a class apart from other tools used for casting agency management.

Why StarAgent?

With the StarAgent talent database, you can store and manage all your talent details, HD images, videos, and audios in a centralized solution. Using the system’s powerful search functionality, you can also quickly choose the model/ talent that would best suit your client’s requirements. 

While this is a common and essential feature in all talent agency management software, let’s take a look at what makes StarAgent different from the rest. 

  • Self-Registration:

The talents you add can use the self-registration option to get onboarded. This option allows you to send out easy-to-fill forms to talents, making it convenient for them to register from anywhere. Unlike most other tools where this has to be manually entered, the data entered by the talents in these forms will be automatically updated in StarAgent after verification, thereby saving countless man-hours.

  • Client Management:

With a client database on StarAgent that stores all your client contact details, relationship with the clients, job history, and billing details, you can effortlessly nurture your client network.

Unlike most talent management platforms, StarAgent uses the concept of ‘Client Status‘ to let everyone from the team know if your agency is currently working with a client or not. Also, the ‘Tagging’ feature will help your team members to quickly catch up on all the vital information regarding a client, without checking the entire profile.

Client Management
  • Project Management:

With a specific module for ‘Projects‘ on StarAgent, you can stay more organized with all your project details available in a centralized location. 

StarAgent empowers you with effortless ways to break down projects into smaller tasks, delegate them to employees, set deadlines, and track the assigned tasks from beginning to end, to ensure that everything is getting done on time.

Project Management
  • Packages:

You can use the powerful ‘Search’ options on StarAgent to conveniently filter out the right model according to client requirements, and readily attach their comp cards to packages and send them to clients with just a few clicks.

In contrast to other software systems, StarAgent enables users to update the package links with any new talents or additional details even after forwarding it to the clients. And through a recent update, it is now easy for your clients to provide feedback regarding talents directly from a package.

  • Calendar:

StarAgent provides users with TWO different calendar views – A ‘User Calendar’ that will help you to store and manage the details of all the upcoming deadlines and events in a centralized location that your entire team can access, and a ‘Talents Calendar’ that will help you save everything related to your talent bookings and castings.

Nobody likes missing deadlines and nobody wants their remote workers to say they weren’t aware when a deadline was. The automatic alerts on StarAgent’s User Calendar will help you keep a closer track of deadlines on projects and upcoming tasks. Besides this, all the details entered on the StarAgent’s Talents Calendar will be available to the concerned talents instantly on the StarAgent mobile app, thereby helping you get rid of the repeated tasks of notifying talents separately.

  • Communication: 

With the built-in chat system, StarAgent makes it easier to share private messages and other announcements with your employees through different channels. 

Why do you need StarAgent – and not email? As StarAgent is an all-in-one platform, you can have your conversations and work together in a single place, making your agency’s workflow far more organized. Unlike email, StarAgent’s chat system can help you get into real-time conversations with any teammate or team whenever you require a quick response. 

  • Analytics Dashboard:

Do you want to visualize what’s happening across your entire agency, and where your projects stand? Then head straight to the ‘Dashboard’ on StarAgent. 

How the StarAgent Dashboard helps: You can easily take a quick look at all daily and pending events, project statistics, and recently added and updated information on StarAgent with the Dashboard. It also helps you to keep track of your agency’s revenue progress with real-time updates about the invoices, projects, and other tasks that matter.

Analytics Dashboard
  • Billing:

For any agency, invoicing can be a pain. StarAgent has now made it possible for you to invoice your clients all expenses incurred concerning the bookings and register payments made by them at ease.

What is special about StarAgent’s billing feature? StarAgent allows you to opt for ‘Recurring‘ invoices if you wish it to send invoices automatically to your clients at regular intervals. So now, you can just relax and focus on your core business activities while our software takes care of your monthly invoicing process!


These are just the most popular features and workflows, and there are plenty of features under the hood. Interested to know what they are? 👉👉 See StarAgent’s full feature list.