When was the last time the employees of your talent agency finished accomplishing that lengthy list of tasks within a workday? Can’t recollect? Alright. There’s nothing unusual if you get to feel like time is always vanishing into an abyss, leaving you frustrated through and through every time! Your employees might be working extended hours to finish off the incomplete tasks; however, that doesn’t mean they’re productive enough. Such scenarios can only make employees feel that they are overwhelmed by their workload.

At StarAgent, we’ve spent years mulling over ways for preventing this worst-case scenario from occurring. From the conclusions made from these obsessions, we’ve built the StarAgent modelling agency software that provides talent agency employees everything needed to get their tasks done, without working more.

But this tool is just part of the equation. In this article, we’re providing you guidance on what can be the real productivity-suckers in your workplace, and how you can get them under control and become productive.

The Productivity Barriers

Most talent agency employees around the world are working with the same fixed amount of 8hrs, then why is being productive so tricky for your people? It turns out – the odds are against you. Numerous barriers are preventing them from being their most productive self, but, you’re doing nothing to help them overcome those stumbling blocks. To start, let’s break down all the biggest productivity woes (and the ways to hack each one) into FIVE significant categories:

1.  Non-Prioritization Of Tasks

Assume that you’ve made a hundred assignments on one of your employees’ to-do list. Then, chances are high for him to do a little here, a little bit there, and then simply chit-chat or spend a few minutes down a rabbit hole of any other irrelevant task that’s not even on his docket. Not just a particular employee, we’ve all done this at some point in our life, but why? Part of the issue here is that we have a lot on our plate that we honestly don’t know where to begin at all.

The Solution? Prioritize All Tasks While Assigning

On any given day, each of your agency members may have a few distinct tasks to complete across several projects for different clients. Naturally, some of these might be more important than others, and that’s where the significance of having a well-defined priority set for the tasks come into play. However, as a manager who is juggling with the entire team’s work, prioritization of them can become really messy without a reliable process. In that case, StarAgent’s shared calendar option can help you to assign tasks for team members and prioritize them accordingly by adding deadlines and schedules. This way, everyone from your team will know what needs to be tackled first and which are tasks that require more time.

2. Ineffective Time Management

If there is a universal problem, the majority of employees struggle, it’s about not having sufficient time! But when everyone has equal 24 hours available in a day, why is it that some people seem to have more than enough of it to pursue their goals, while most others run around feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list? The answer is that the latter group of people do better time management

However, when it comes to the case of employees, being bad at time management isn’t necessarily a personal failure; managers like you really can have a significant impact on how well your people manage time at the workplace.

The Solution?
Try The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most popular tactics used by millions of people over the world for time management. It was invented by a guy named Francesco Cirillo. The process is quite simple:


  • Suppose your employees have to work on a big project, the first thing you have to do is to break it into smaller chunks (tasks).
  • Allot each chunk (task) separately to each employee to work on at a time.
  • Assign a particular timeframe for each task.
  • Let them work on the task within the allotted time, take a short break, and then repeat (if there’s more to do).

StarAgent talent agency management software empowers you to implement this well-known technique in your talent agency, by getting you easy ways to break down the commenced projects into smaller tasks, delegate them to employees, set deadlines, and track the assigned tasks from beginning to end to ensure projects are getting done on time.

3. Improper Communication

Effective communication is indispensable for any businesses, but in most cases, firms will either under-communicate or over-communicate. Both can lead to further intricacies. With too little communications, employees might make assumptions that can impede their ability to make decisions regarding their jobs, however, when your agency communicates too much through unproductive meetings, these might cut into your people’s workdays, thereby becoming the foremost productivity blocker for your agency.

The solution?
Use Advanced Communication Options

We know you might be thinking of the traditional workplace tool we have – the email. Definitely, email is an excellent tool for connecting out with people outside your agency because everyone uses email. However, we’ll say email isn’t so great when it comes to internal communications happening within your agency. Here’s why:


  • As per the data from various sources, it is estimated that there will be above 8,000 emails in an average inbox, which means it is quite obvious to lose essential communications in this overflowing inbox.
  • And another fact is that this 8,000+ emails can include both internal emails (from your team) and external emails (from clients). So it isn’t easy to part out the emails relating to a particular project.
  • Studies have also found that an employee can take around 23 minutes to get back on track of the work after short distractions like checking inboxes or chat apps.


So, what is the right choice, then? It is nothing other than StarAgent, where you can have separate channels for communicating about projects and work-related tasks so that you can scroll through them whenever you need to find information or files regarding specific projects. Unlike email, StarAgent can also help you get into real-time conversations with any teammate or team when you need a quick response. And as StarAgent is an all-in-one platform to manage projects, tasks, talents, and clients, you can have your conversations and work together in a single place, making your team’s workflow as organized as it can be. 

4. Employee Burnout

A Gallup survey revealed that 23% of employees have felt burned out often in their workplaces, while 44% have felt it occasionally. Sum them up, and you’ll see that approximately 67% of employees have struggled with this issue at some point! Being a manager, this should certainly concern you, because burned-out team members can be costly in terms of productivity, and if such employees quit, there are costs of replacement hunts!

The Solution?
Fair Workload Balance

With your entire team’s work scattered among different projects and tools, it’s quite hard to figure out how much work each team member is doing or what more they can take on. With StarAgent’s calendar, you can view all of your team’s work in a single place. This will help you to check for who’s doing what by when, identify if any employee is overloaded, determine who is free to take on new tasks, reassign tasks or projects, and thereby balance each individual’s workload. 

PS: Don’t forget to communicate with your team about any changes you make in task assignments, so they can understand why they’re suddenly pulled in a distinct direction.

5. Distractions, Distractions, & More Distractions! 

Studies state that the top reasons why workers are distracted in the workplace today are continuous interruptions, irrelevant meetings, and unnecessary emails. These distractions aren’t detriments appearing in the short-term; when summed up, they can account for around 31 hours of lost time a month. And what’s even worse is that employees are found to double their error rates, each time after an interruption of 2.8 seconds

The Solution?
Embrace Right Technology

The principal solution to the workplace concentration problem is to keep your workforce away from any distraction causing technologies and to equip them with all-in-one tools like StarAgent, which can help them streamline, organize, and optimize tasks. Encouraging your people to make the best use of such vital resources will serve to help them spend considerably less time on mundane tasks and significantly more time on tasks that will drive them (and your agency) to success.

Ready To Take The Power Back In Your Hands?

By implementing the solutions mentioned above in your workplace, you can take control of your productivity, but remember: 

  • There can still be some invisible forces that are blocking your employees from doing their best work. So, ensure to train employees to identify such restraints and empower themselves to overcome them.
  • Also, leverage findings from social scientists to implement better productivity methods.  

So that’s all folks; good luck on staying productive! 😊