When StarAgent initially appeared on the scene a few years back, it was just an amped-up talent management application that would improve the way talent agencies store and manage the details of talents and cut down on spreadsheets. Definitely, StarAgent is still serving that goal; however, these days it’s also an all-in-one tool for simplifying bookings, schedules, invoices, project workflows, communications, and integrating everything needed for the smooth working of a talent agency.

StarAgent now has several users, and many smart agencies that have evolved with this talent agency management software are making the most out of it with all its new features like notifications, calendar reminders, package updates, and on and on. But for new agencies that have sought out StarAgent to speed up their works and become more productive, they need to get a grasp on its actual capabilities. To help such businesses step up their game a bit, here are details on how a renowned talent agency in the US leveraged this model agency management software for making their business grow exponentially faster.

The Right Project Workflows

Project workflows are the process of organising tasks between important milestones into an efficient order. Establishing the right workflow not only improves your business dramatically but also drives revenue growth eventually. However, building up a workflow in a business is no small feat, especially when it comes to the case of a talent agency that handles diverse projects simultaneously paying attention to all the little details that go into it.


This is where a solution like StarAgent came in super handy for the US-based talent agency. With it, the agency has developed and scaled workflows as per their organisation’s best practices to finish off projects quicker and spend more time focussing on other key goals. 


Wish to know the way they followed to scale processes and increase their workflow efficiency? Here we go!

  • The first thing they did was to discover the lengthy list of steps their projects progress through, to reach their ‘Done’ state. 
  • Following this, they established StarAgent, with all the essential information related to talents, clients, and projects, which their team may need while working through the tasks noted before. This way, they ensured that all their agency members could tap into the same pool of information, avoiding repeated pings and any possibilities of assumptions that might lead works in the wrong direction.
  • Their next step was task assigning and prioritization based on the level of importance of each task. They made use of the shared calendar option on StarAgent to assign tasks for team members and prioritize them by attaching deadlines and schedules so that everyone will know what needs immediate action. 

This way, they constructed a stable, transparent workflow where everything is located in a centralised, easily accessible tool, and everyone knows what’s really going on in the agency, avoiding unnecessary stress for the whole team.

Smart Workload Balancing

Researches have revealed that around 80% of workers had felt overworked and near to burnout at some point in their works. And further, four out of five employees have reported that they have felt less engaged at work when they’re stressed out this way

The US client of StarAgent has implemented a FOUR step action plan to handle workload management in the most efficient way. Without going too far in-depth, we’ll get you a basic overview of this action plan (which they’ve shared with us as their personal testimony😊) here:

  1. The manager of their agency kicked off the action plan by entering in StarAgent all the details of the projects their team was responsible for.


  2. This was accompanied by a thorough analysis of the timeframes needed to finish off the works for each.


  3. Subsequently, he broke down the projects into smaller tasks and workstreams and assigned them according to priorities.


  4. Parallelly, he checked the User Calendar’ on StarAgent to get a big picture understanding of each member’s work to ensure that no one would feel overloaded with responsibilities anytime. In case if he found that someone is overloaded, he would reassign tasks or projects, in order to balance each individual’s workload. 

  5. Want to implement a similar action plan in your agency? Give StarAgent a try for free now!

Tasks Automation For Better Productivity

Do you think all the tasks of your talent agency requires human interaction to get completed? Definitely not! 


Majority of the steps can actually be taken care of with automation tools like StarAgent. Here are some of the tasks our US client have automated to boost up their team’s productivity and efficiency:


  • Set reminders on each task/event, so that all the involved people were automatically alerted a few minutes prior to it.


  • Created recurring invoices for them to be sent automatically to the clients at regular intervals. 


  • Made use of StarAgent’s online talent registration forms, so that the data entered by the talents on them were automatically updated after verification in the StarAgent database.


And much more!

Team Building During Crisis

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of the companies across the globe were forced to roll out the work-from-home option for their employees. But, for thousands of agencies in the fashion industry where collaboration and coordination are the major factors that drive them forward, managing a remote team was something that couldn’t have imagined.

However, remote working was more or less a plain sailing for our client agencies, as with StarAgent, their team were able to work collaboratively like never before. All the resources needed for their work were efficiently stored and organized on a single platform that could be accessed or updated whenever required. Using StarAgent’s calendar option, the managers assigned tasks to relevant team members according to priorities and stayed updated with details on project progress as well as due dates, so nothing fell through the cracks. And more interestingly, with the built-in chat system, their teams stayed connected, regardless of where they were working from.  

Biggest Benefits

Just over a few days ago, as part of our feedback collection procedures, we asked our client, “what have you seen so powerful about StarAgent?”. And they said, “in this age of complex spreadsheets and the total chaos of applications that ping us almost every second, this is the only application that is quite simple at the same time useful. We’ll say, there’s nothing more, or nothing less!”.

Yes, StarAgent is just about a few user-friendly modules that are put together to allow talent agencies and freelance casting agents to manage their entire workflow without any complexities. The basic concept starts with talent management where the user can onboard talents like models, artists, etc. and capture their details, without a lot of manual involvement. Further, it allows fast and easy management of clients, projects, events, bookings, schedules, and invoices, among an array of other features. The recently released mobile app also lets you communicate and synchronize events with the talents in real-time.

StarAgent Is The Way We Work

“Since years, we work on StarAgent. It isn’t a weird inception time-warp – but it is the way we collaborate, organize, share, connect, and communicate. With more and more updates, the application is growing, and so are we.”


With a streamlined process, this team was able to work together more efficiently, help their people get things done, faster and better, and ultimately, crank out better revenue.

Bottom line – it isn’t easy to organize your team better and kick their productivity levels into high-gear; however, StarAgent can get your team started on the right foot! So, don’t wait to give it a shot – in future, you will thank yourself!